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Roehl driver Thomas Miller is a leader



Many people know Roehl Transport as a great place to start a truck driving career, and now experienced drivers are learning that Roehl’s also a great place to stay.
Roehl drivers are leaders, and for professional truck driver Thomas Miller, Roehl’s been the place to grow his career. An Ohio native, Tom always knew he wanted to be a driver. He used to drag race and worked as a heavy equipment mechanic. He’s driven to be a leader, setting goals and then achieving them.

A couple of years ago, Tom took a chance on Roehl. “I did my research, and I give my wife, Marci, a lot of credit for laying out the pros and the cons.” Some of those positives, like the fact that Roehl is one of the safest trucking companies in North America, are pretty well known. And, Roehl offers some of the best home time options in the nation, including plenty of home weekly fleets. Speaking about his home time, Tom said that he’s never missed something important to him, and that nine times out of ten, he gets home when he expects to. That matters to Tom because he enjoys his life outside the truck, spending time with his family, including Marci and their children and grandchildren. “As a matter of fact, I worked my schedule so I could spend five days in North Carolina at two of my granddaughters’ birthday parties,” he said.
Tom also discovered that there’s so much more to Roehl. For example, the Your Choice Pay Plan lets drivers earn a pay increase each quarter – drivers are not forced to wait for annual increases. And, Tom learned quickly how to do just that. “Your Choice, it’s unbelievable,” he said. “I don’t even have two years with Roehl, and I’ve advanced to the top of the pay scale!” In addition to performance-based pay that rewards drivers for their hard work and professionalism, Roehl pays practical route mileage, which means drivers are paid for 5-8% more of the miles they actually drive compared to most other carriers. “Some people are surprised. I mean, I’m making great money,” Tom confided.
After roughly eight months with Roehl, Tom decided to become a Certified Truck Driver Trainer. “I wanted to make a difference and be able to show new drivers how to be successful, too,” he explained. “I had to learn to be a mentor, and when my students call up and say ‘thank you’, it really means a lot to me.” Tom is driving and teaching the Roehl Way, and that helps new drivers protect others by using the Safe 7 driving techniques. “I hold myself to a higher standard. I preach the Safe 7.” Tom realized that being a trainer has made him even more contentious, including in his own personal vehicle.
Tom’s performance, goal setting and integrity has shown up in other areas too. Tom goes over and above to deliver exceptional service to customers. “I push myself to deliver early. Sometimes people complain about the truck speed. They want to go faster without understanding that you can operate safely and make good money. It’s all about time management.”
In addition to the pay, benefits and home time, Roehl’s large national presence means there’s flexibility. Tom noted that he and Marci may move from Ohio to North Carolina to be closer to their grandchildren in North Carolina – and he can stay with Roehl.
“I want a million safe miles with Roehl, and I want to be Driver of the Year. I don’t want to start over with some other company,” he said as he reflected on his relationships with his fleet managers, maintenance technicians and planners. “It’s everybody, it’s all about communication. My fleet managers know how I like to run. Barely a year ago Roehl gave me a brand new truck, and I’ve got over 160,000 miles on it. I’m making a great living on the road working for Roehl.”   Thomas Miller


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