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Is truck driving school worth it?

Get Your CDL


Is truck driving school worth it? It’s natural for those seeking a career change to question themselves and their new profession. A different job path can mean an unusual schedule, a shift in salary expectations, and a work/life dynamic that impacts the entire family. If you’re considering the trucking industry, attending truck driving school and passing your CDL exam can almost instantly improve the quality of your life – and here’s the best part – you can get paid to do it with a trucking company like Roehl!
Being a truck driver has many benefits, including:
A great starting salary – Inexperienced (or student) drivers can earn $60,000+. You’ll have the ability to take care of your family, afford a property you’ve been eyeing or save for future investments. Experienced CDL drivers can earn more than $80,000! At Roehl, a driver’s performance determines their level of pay – you can get a pay increase each quarter up to our top rate.
Getting a CDL is not a long process - You don’t have to have a college degree and you don’t have to put in the two-to-four year time investment. Once you decide this is what you want to do, all it takes is obtaining your CDL (passing your CDL exam) and landing a job! Forget internships and accumulating tuition debt. In fact, with Roehl, getting your CDL is part of the job!
The freedom of a flexible schedule – The more experience you get as a trucker, the more you can expect a schedule that allows up to 26 weeks off each year! Roehl offers a variety of schedules to choose from, including 7 days on the road and 7 days at home; 14 days on the road with 7 days off; regional fleets that put you at home every week; and even local routes that bring you back home every day.
Career advancement – As you continue to increase your mileage, you’ll have awesome opportunities for career growth – both inside and outside of the truck. You may decide to transition into a trainer or instructor for other trucking students. Other opportunities include fleet management, customer service, maintenance and information technology.
Healthcare benefits – Keep your family safe when it comes to illness or accidents with healthcare that comes as part of your employment agreement. Roehl offer health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, Basic Group Life Insurance, Disability Protection, and more. Plus, unlike many other trucking companies, Roehl offers profit sharing and a 401k plan.
Job security – The trucking industry continues to grow, and there is a shortage of truck drivers. You won’t have to stress out about whether your position is at risk. And doing your job safely is critical so with Roehl, you’ll learn the Roehl Way of Protective Driving and the Safe Seven.
Experiencing new adventures – If you dread the thought of sitting at a desk all day, you may think attending truck driving school to get you out on the road is definitely worth it. Here’s what is even better – getting paid to get your CDL. Then, you’ll see new places, meet new people and do new things! Each day is dynamic and exciting. 
Wearing casual attire – Just like some people cringe at the idea of a desk job, others do not like the idea of putting on a suit or uniform as part of their occupation. As a truck driver, enjoy the benefits of casual attire. No ties, no shiny shoes or fancy clothing!  
Saving money on rent/housing – Drivers who have the option to live with family or friends can save plenty of money on housing costs. If you plan to be on the road as much as possible during your first few years, why sign a year-long lease?
Taking your loved one on the road with you – Roehl allows drivers the opportunity to take their loved one on the road with them. Take advantage of this program by inviting a child, spouse, sibling, or friend to ride along with you for a few days! Have a pet? Roehl is a pet friendly trucking company.
It’s clear that being a truck driver offers many benefits, and if you’re considering a driving career, really weigh your options. Truck driving schools and company-sponsored training programs certainly have their merits, but if you want to be paid to get your CDL and drive for one of North America’s safest trucking companies, join our Get Your CDL program and truck driving job.

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