We're built on Values like Safety and Driver Success, and our 2017 Winter Safety Training is now available to our driving teammates, and they can also get a free pair of winter cleats, too. 

If you want to know more about how you can get access to the resouces that will help you be successful, contact us or Apply Now. We offer a feature to search driving jobs near me, including opportunities for experienced drivers all the way to people who need to get a CDL (plus even more resources, like practice CDL tests). 

What is Roehl's Winter Safety Training? 

Our Winter Safety Training is an opportunity to learn about driving safe in winter, operating equipment in winter, personal safety year-round and how to make safe left turns. The learning is facilitated through Roehl Youniversity, which is our online platform full of courses to help our teammates (both driving and non-driving teammates) continue learning and being leaders. We create and customize this safety content because we want our driving teammates to be successful and we respect their time (so some of the video components are optional, based on driver's experience with TeamRoehl).

Roehl Youniversity is an online learning portal for members of TeamRoehl 

What's available to current Roehl drivers?

These e-learning modules are available: 

Driving Safe in Winter
Truck drivers have an opportunity to learn about driving safe during winter, and the module consists of a video and a knowledge check. 

Winter Operations
Drivers can learn about operating our equipment during winter and other practices for their success. 

Personal Safety
Learn about keeping yourself safe on and around your equipment in this module, and

Left Turns
In this module, drivers have an opportunity to learn about the hazards of left turn situations and how they  can be safe when making a left turn.

Simulator Training – Winter Driving and Left Turns
Roehl has the latest in simulator training and we're offering classes for our driving teammates at our Marshfield and Chicago Area Terminals. Drivers have the opportunity to learn about applying the Safe 7 Protective Driving Techniques in a winter driving environment.

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Recent feedback from out teammates about these learning opportunities

  • "As always, very informative and thorough. Helps to keep skills front and center and fresh."
  • "This is great information and really drives home the importance of our drivers protecting others we share the road with, compensating for their mistakes to protect them and shows the value in their lives as well as ours. From a place of love really says it all..."
  • "...good information for those who have been working as drivers for some time as well as those who may be starting their careers."
  • "...driving safe in winter great job as always thank you"
  • "Thank you for the excellent training on left turns, I especially like when Rob explains you may have to sit through 2 or 3 cycles of the light until you can safely make the turn..."
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