TeamRoehl Supports Cruise for a Cause

By Roehl.Jobs October 05, 2017


TeamRoehl Supports Cruise for a Cause Teaser

Video: Cruise for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Marshfield, Wisconsin resident Dan Neve took up the cause of supporting breast cancer research and education. Dan decided to use his Shelby Mustang and his love of car shows as a channel for raising funds for breast cancer research. Thus was born “Cruising for a Cause.”

Roehl Transport has been a supporter and partner of Dan’s from the start of his project. He continues to upgrade and modify his car, add sponsors and equipment and raise evermore funds for research through participating in shows.

In 2014, Dan  presented a check for $58,000 to fund cancer research. In 2016, that amount had risen to close to $110,000. To learn more about Cruise for a Cause, visit

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