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Alan Matyka achieves a remarkable 4 Million Safe Miles


Alan Matyka acheived a remarkable 4 Million Safe Miles. We recognized Alan at our Annual Company Awards Banquet in April, and he was recently featured in a profile for National Truckin' Magazine.
National trucking magazine
Here's the full text of the article: 

Alan Matyka grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, and he still likes to mow his lawn and work the fields. And, though he would not tell you so, Alan’s also a leader in the trucking industry.

Alan recently achieved a tremendous milestone – Four Million Safe Miles – all driven for Roehl Transport. While Alan will say he’s had great luck, he has also displayed a superior level of commitment and dedication to safety; he has driven the Roehl Way to protect others.

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Alan knew at a young age that he wanted to drive; being a truck driver just “fit” him. He joined TeamRoehl in March of 1984, after a friend started working for the company. At the time, there were maybe a 140 drivers, and Alan recalls the first other Roehl driver he spoke with over the CB was CEO Rick Roehl, somewhere in Michigan. Now, over 33 years and numerous driving awards later, Alan has become Roehl’s third Four Million Mile driver.

A humble man, Alan, says that there are other more-skilled drivers at Roehl (the company has grown to more than 2,000 driving teammates), and he continues to improve by paying attention to what others are doing and understanding how he can do things smarter. Alan is always looking for ways to do things better. That starts with showing up.
Alan is proud of being reliable and delivering – he can be counted upon.  Sure, some days are tough, he noted. But, he loves his job, saying, “Getting that perfect load and heading home – driving across America – is a great feeling. Some people save up the entire year to go on vacation to do what I get paid to do.”

Speaking about mowing the lawn, Alan summed up his thoughts, “I’ve got to have a steering wheel in my hands. You can always look back and see what you’ve done.”

When we look back, we see millions of people that Alan’s kept safe during all those millions of miles.

We honor Alan for his past and on-going commitment safety and to Roehl Transport and to the trucking industry. Congratulations on 4 million safe miles.

Alan M 4 Million safe miles
Alan Matyka resides in Rib Lake, Wisconsin. He has two children, Katie and Wade. He also has a granddaughter, Olivia. A flatbed driver for Roehl Transport, he’s achieved four million safe miles. He said he stays with Roehl because he understands the system, his fleet manager keeps him moving, and he never has to wonder about getting paid.

Roehl Transport is one of the nation’s safest and largest trucking companies. Roehl drivers earn practical route mileage pay and have some of the best home time options in the industry (including many home weekly driving jobs). Roehl drivers are leaders, and Roehl’s leader is a driver. Learn more at www.Roehl.Jobs.

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