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Truck Driver Success - Jeffrey Hall | 2017-03 March | Roehl Transport Blog



Our driving teammate Jeffrey Hall found himself in an unexpected situation at a very inconvenient time. Jeffrey’s truck had been backed into and due to the extensive damage to his mirror and bunk window the truck needed to be repaired before Jeffrey could continue driving. Jeffrey was worried and expressed to our Conley maintenance team that he was concerned about missing his daughters’ graduation ceremonies.  Our night shift maintenance team took his concern to heart and immediately went to work.

Keith Erickson, our maintenance teammate, called around that night to find the parts needed to repair the truck. Once Keith found them he personally went and picked up all the parts so he could begin the repairs. Immediately Keith began the repairs to Jeffrey’s truck. He removed the cabinets and entire interior wall in the bunk and replaced the bunk window and mechanism. By just past midnight, all of the damage to the truck was either fixed or replaced. Due to Keith’s fast actions, Jeffrey was able to pick up and deliver the load that allowed him to make it to both his daughters’ ceremonies on time.

Jason Wescott, our Maintenance Manager at our Conley terminal said, “Keith did what we do every day. He took ownership of a problem and resolved it properly as quickly as he could. We see so many different situations on a daily basis. Keeping our driving teammates rolling safely is our priority. You never know if they are on their way to a graduation, or a birthday party, or just ready to be home after a long trip. No matter what we strive to be as efficient as possible and what Keith did is a prime example of that."

Within three days Jeffrey was able to attend his daughter Jennifer’s graduation from nursing school near Jacksonville, Florida and then get to Huntersville, South Carolina for his other daughter Melanie’s graduation. Jennifer graduated as an LPN and Melanie graduated as a Massage Therapist.

Jeffrey was very appreciative for our maintenance and operations teams for getting his truck fixed and getting him routed to the location of both these graduations. Jeffrey said he talked to a driver at a truck stop along his way during these three days and he told him his story and they were impressed that a company would do that for their drivers.  

Jeffrey expressed his gratitude to our maintenance team, “Thanks to the Conley maintenance team and Keith Erickson for an outstanding job. It meant the world to me.”

Our maintenance team puts up industry leading results on turnaround time in both the shop and over the road service repairs. Their work is focused on respecting our drivers’ time and allows our drivers to keep moving and stay productive.

Props to our maintenance team for going out of your way to get Jeffrey back on the road so quickly.

Thank you, Jeffrey for sharing your story with us. You are a valued member of TeamRoehl. We see you and appreciate you for driving with us.

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