Cold Storage & Warehousing Services

Roehl Cold Storage & Warehousing - Owen, Wisconsin location

We offer both temperature-controlled and frozen warehouse services through Roehl Cold Storage. Primarily serving the dairy and food service industries in Wisconsin, our freezer and refrigerator spaces are trusted intermediate locations between your company plants and distribution centers or retail operations.

When combined with Roehl Refrigerated and Roehl Logistics, Roehl Cold Storage becomes your national and even international supply chain provider. 

Our Owen and Vesper, Wisconsin warehousing solutions are unique because we can offer transportation services from your factory to our storage facilities, and then from our storage to your customers.

Owen Warehouse
W5051 Willow
Owen, WI 54460
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Vesper Warehouse
4886 White St.
Vesper, WI 54489
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Let us take care of your refrigeration and storage needs so you can focus on your core business.
  • A trusted intermediary between your company plants and distribution centers or retail operations.
  • Temperature-controlled and frozen storage options: 0-degree freezer, 35-degree cooler, 5-degree room.
  • 24-hour temperature monitoring helps us protect your product.
  • Over 200,000 square feet of clean, well-maintained warehouse space.
  • Courteous, professional staff ensure safe handling and accurate inventory.
  • Security and fire management.
  • Set up a national and international supply chain with Roehl Logistics.
  • Transportation solutions from your factory to our storage and then from storage to your customer.
  • Roehl's Refrigerated Division ensures your freight is properly monitored and transported at the optimal temperature.
  • Inventory financing available.
  • Use our centrally-located warehouses as a distribution center, including order-picking.
  • Railroad services available.