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Why OOs have high net revenue | Roehl Transport Blog




A recent transportation business services provider provided data that supports what many owner operators who partner with Roehl already know: they are among the leaders in net revenue in the trucking industry.

Why do OO's that partner with Roehl have some of the highest net revenue in the business?

First, Roehl offers a very strong fuel surcharge program. And, we don't charge for trailer usage or rentals. Another example of this is higher costs for baseplates, permits and tolls. When you partner with Roehl, we offer optimized routing and will cover the costs of tolls on those routes (for owner operators who are compensated by the mile).

Another major consideration for owner operators looking to maximize their net revenue is the cost of maintenance. Most truck shops charge between $90-130 an hour for maintenance labor costs. When you partner with Roehl, we charge $70 an hour at our maintenance facilities - substantially lower than the open market, and our maintenance team has been recognized as a clear leader in terms of processes, efficiencies and quality of work. 

Other intangibles can also impact your bottom line. When you consider insurance costs, it's important to factor the amount of coverage against the cost. We partner with an insurance provider that offers very competitive rates - so you get more coverage at a lower cost. And Roehl's 24 hour, 7 days a week support means you have access to Safety, Operations and Maintenance when you need it the most. 

So, even if another trucking company promises higher gross compensation to an owner operator, that company may have other costs that eat up the OO's profit. That's why so many owner operators choose to partner with Roehl - they are in the top third for net income.

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