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Benefits of Being a Truck Driver | Roehl Transport Blog

Get Your CDL


Why Get CDL Training?

What we've learned over more than a quarter century training successful truck drivers is that there are many reasons you might be considering a truck driving career - your reason is unique to you.

For some, it's a chance to get out of an office and onto the road. For others, driving a truck is a tangible skill - one that puts them in control and in demand. Still others find trucking gets them out of a dead-end job, removing barriers like underemployment and unemployment and moving them into the middle class - making more money and getting their piece of the American Dream. 

Here's the basic truth: there are not enough truck drivers in America to move our nation's goods - both the raw inputs and the final products - that we buy on store shelves. And, rather than wait for someone to fix the problem for us, we're taking the lead. We're creating jobs and training employees - we're covering the skills gap that's already making a difference for so many people just like you. And, when you become a truck driver, you become an important part of the American economy - you're literally the wheels, driving it forward with each load you pick up and deliver. That's powerful by itself, and there's more.

With a large and diversified trucking company like Roehl, you're not subject to the whims of the economy like most other jobs. Since our founding more than fifty years ago - in boom and bust times - we've been successful. In fact, we've shared our profits for more than thirty years in a row. That means you'll have stable employment with real financial benefits, like home ownership, new vehicles, boats, vacations, college educations - the types of things that come with a middle class job.

High Pay & High Demand

The US trucking industry is growing fast and drivers of all skill levels are in high demand. Earning your Class A CDL license puts you in the driver seat to earn a great living now and well into the future.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that the number of open truck driving jobs will rise to staggering numbers (175,000 by 2024), and it's largely a result of Baby Boomers retiring and a continued and robust overall economic outlook (more growth, means more consumer confidence, means more consumption, and that means more goods that need to be shipped). Our Get Your CDL program provides paid, company sponsored commercial truck driver training to fill that void.

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We make it easy for you. Simply fill out this form and we'll connect & match your with the driving job that best fits your needs.