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Roehl Transport Makes Profit-Sharing Contribution



Roehl Transport has announced a profit-sharing contribution to drivers and non-drivers based on 2023 financial results. In a year that saw many trucking companies struggle to make a profit in a down freight market, Roehl was successful because the vast majority of Roehl drivers and non-drivers lived Roehl’s values. They improved on-time service and took care of the company’s customers – providing them flawless transportation services.

Roehl Wall of Values with Thank You message

For 2023, Roehl’s profit-sharing contribution is 5.5% of gross wages to eligible teammates. Roehl has made a profit-sharing contribution every year since creating the plan more than 40 years ago.

Eligibility depends on when a teammate was hired by the company. For teammates who started on July 1, 2022 or earlier, they receive a contribution equal to 5.5% of their 2023 gross wages. For teammates who started between July 2, 2022 and January 1, 2023, they receive a contribution of 5.5% of their gross wages from July 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023. 

With Roehl, even eligible teammates who do not contribute to their 401(k) will receive profit-sharing money – that’s one of the benefits of working for a company that shares its profits. Roehl deposits the profit-sharing funds into a retirement account for eligible teammates; that wouldn’t happen at a company that offers a company 401k match since the teammates didn’t participate.

Roehl Transport is one of North America’s safest and most successful trucking companies, and profit sharing is one of the many benefits the company offers teammates. To learn more about Roehl Transport, including how the company’s values deliver success for customers and teammates alike, please visit or call 715-591-7000.

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