Per Diem Gold Program - Enroll Now! 

Our Per Diem Gold Program is now available to our company driving teammates!
Per Diem is a payment to an employee under an accountable expense reimbursement allowance, and Per Diem is not extra pay; it’s a tax break on a driving teammate's own weekly gross pay. That means our driving teammates pay less taxes because their gross pay is less.

Many trucking companies that offer per diem use a cents per mile plan, but this method often doesn’t always provide the full benefit allowed by the IRS.

Roehl has partnered with a vendor to maximize the per diem benefits available to our company driving teammates! This partnership, and the technological innovation behind it, means that in virtually every case, Roehl drivers who qualify for per diem will take home more.

The Per Diem Gold Program is available to all Roehl company drivers, regardless of fleet, and it supports our commitment to Driver Success!

How to Enroll in the My Roehl App:
 1. Go to the Pay & Performance Section and click on Per Diem Program. Shape Per Diem Screenshot 1 
 2. Click on the middle button. The Opt-in button is on the bottom of the page.  Shape Per Diem Screenshot 2  
3. Once you Opt-in, your status will show "Pending - Check Tomorrow." The value updates overnight and is based on your eligibility date.
4. Primary Parking Location is the address that is used to determine if you earn per diem on a given day. If your Primary Parking Location is not correct, please contact your Driver Pay Services Representative.  

We are excited to bring this enhancement to our driving teammates!


Vote for TeamRoehl as a Top Company for Women to Work for! 


Please vote for TeamRoehl

We have once again been named a finalist in the Top Companies For Women to Work for in Transportation.  

Vote before July 3! One vote per device is allowed.  

We encourage you to share this link with others and ask them to vote too! 

Vote now at 

We are a member of the Women in Trucking Association, and we’ve previously received this recognition in 2019, 2020 and 2021. 


My Feedback Survey

This month we surveyed recent Get Your CDL graduates.


Career Day

TeamRoehl driver, Scott H. recently spoke at his kid's high school for career day!
Scott prepared a slide show presentation and showed students the inside and outside of his truck and trailer.


Thank you, Scott, for sharing TeamRoehl and the transportation industry with these students!

60-year Trivia & Pop-up Store info


Congratulations to the following teammates for winning $25 credit to our online pop-up store!

Week 1 Winners:
Driver Winner: Joseph H.
Non-Driver Winner: Sherrie C.

Week 2 Winners:
Driver: Earl P.
Non-Driver: Kimberly M.

Week 3 Winners:
Driver: Rick B.
Non-Driver: Ryan P.

Week 4 winners:
Driver: Christina M.
Non-Driver: Amber G.

Our online pop-up store closes on Friday, June 3 so be sure to check it out now!


CVSA Safe Driver Week is
July 10-16, 2022

Throughout Operation Safe Driver Week week, law enforcement personnel will be on the lookout for commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in risky driving. Identified unsafe drivers will be pulled over and issued a citation or warning.​

CVSA Brake Safety Week is
August 22-28, 2022

There will be an unannounced one-day brake safety enforcement initiative, which may be held at any time.

Roehl Benefits

Roehl Benefit Plan Information
Please visit the Summary Plan Descriptions page at for copies of our benefit plan documents. These documents provide information on our benefit plans and how they operate, including specific benefits, rights, and obligations under the plan. We encourage you to be familiar with the location of these documents and to reference them should you have questions.
If you wish to receive a paper copy of any listed document, please email  Copies will be mailed within 30 days of your request.

Health and Wellness Updates

2022 Roehl Wellness Calendar

Check out what wellness events, activities and challenges are coming in 2022 by, clicking here.
In addition, you can also find the wellness calendar on under the health and wellness tab.  
Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month!
More than 55 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia according to the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Join Roehl’s Wellness Program as we raise awareness on Alzheimer’s and other dementia by educating ourselves on how to increase our brain health. Evidence shows that people can reduce their risk of cognitive decline by participating in regular physical activity, staying mentally/socially engaged, maintaining good heart health, and quitting smoking.
Wear purple on June 21st to raise awareness and support the fight to end Alzheimer’s!
To learn more ways to enhance your brain health and decrease your chances of dementia visit our Health and Wellness Page!
Men’s Health Week

June 13-19th is National Men’s Health Week!
According to the CDC, men in the United States, on average, die 5 years earlier than women and die at higher rates from the three leading causes of death, heart disease, cancer, and unintentional injuries.
Join Roehl’s Wellness Program as we encourage men to take control of their health, and for families to teach young boys healthy habits. 
Wear blue on Friday, June 17th to raise awareness for the health and wellbeing of boys and men.


Drivers: Walking on Sunshine Step Challenge

Join the Roehl Wellness Program for the
Walking On Sunshine Step Challenge!
This 3-week challenge is a great way to reach your step/exercise goals, while having some friendly competition with your fellow teammates. If you successfully complete the 3-week challenge you will be entered into a drawing to win an Apple, Fitbit, or Garmin watch.
Registration will end on June 11th.
Join Roehl as we take steps down the road to a healthier life!

Prudential Pathways Webinar

Join Prudential Pathways for The Basics of Everyday Finance Webinar to gain knowledge on a variety of financial wellness topics such as: how to set up or fine tune your budget, the role banking plays in helping you with your finances how credit works/how to build credit, and more!
Prudential Pathways is a free financial wellness program available to all Roehl employees and their families. They offer practical, down-to-earth information that may help you and your family today, tomorrow, and beyond.

June 16th
12:00 – 1:00pm CST
via WebEx

June 16th
6:00 – 7:00pm CST
via WebEx

If you have a question or concern, please contact us at or (844) 592-8993.
Prudential Pathways Check Up:
Register Today for a Complimentary Financial Wellness Checkup Appointment on June 23rd!
Financial Professional Grant Uitti is available for 30-minute complimentary Financial Wellness Checkups to review your current financial situation and help you navigate future financial challenges with confidence.
As part of The Way Forward program, Grant is here to help tackle timely topics, such as:
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Dealing with debt
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • And more.
To schedule your complimentary Financial Wellness Checkup, click the link below to select the time that works best for you:
Virtual Appointments
June 23rd
1:00-6:00 p.m. (CST)
via phone

If you have a question or concern, please contact us at or (844) 592-8993.


Events Calendar

Wall of Values

Where do you see yourself or your teammates living our values?

Roehl's Wall of Values

On TeamRoehl, we live our values.

Help recognize our teammates who live our values on TeamRoehl - email us and share your stories!


TeamRoehl Scholarship info

The scholarship programs funding is supported by contributions from members of TeamRoehl. At the end of the fundraising year, Roehl Transport, Inc. will contribute up to the same amount raised from the TeamRoehl contributions earned during each calendar year.

Please note, if you choose a weekly contribution, the value will continue to deduct until you contact your pay services representative to place a stop or change your value. Here is a link to the TeamRoehl Scholarship Donate page.

United Way Updates

Your donations support your
local United Way. Use this page
to stay connected to our events,
make pledges and let's raise more money
and help more of those in need.

If you have any questions or feedback,
please email us:

Stay tuned for upcoming United Way events!


Social Media & 
Keeping it Roehl

Follow us on your favorite social media platform!


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The Keeping It Roehl podcast is available for all teammates!

Instructions for listening and subscribing to the podcast can be found at or by simply searching for Roehl Transport in your podcast app.

In the Keeping It Roehl podcast, our hosts Roman and Michael share Roehl Transport news, stories and teammate interviews.

If you have feedback or questions, please contact 


TeamRoehl Events

Stay tuned for more information regarding our 60 year celebrations!

Suggestions? Comments? Questions? Email us at

Seasonal Photos

We would love for your to share some of your seasonal photos with us! Do you have a favorite winter photo you'd like to share?

Email it to Julie or text it to her at 715-660-1098.
Safe! - Julie S.

Bubble Run!
Bubble Run! - Jenni S.

Door County Rocks - Jenni S.

Million Mile Safe Drivers!

Congratulations to Dennis H. and Matt M. who both reached One Million Safe Miles!


Congratulations to these drivers who earned a referral bonus in May,
and thank you to every one who referred new drivers to our great team!

David S.
Dysharn P.
Myles G.
Lawrence W.
Michael J.
Omotayo O.
Angel L.M
Dabelgue Z.
Tyrin J.​
Ahmad E.
Robert J.
Karen B.

Want to earn extra cash when you refer drivers?
Earn $1,500 for experienced driver and owner operator referrals, $250 for GYCDL driver referrals, and $150 for student driver referrals.
Referring drivers is easy using the My Roehl app.

Congratulations to Our Newest Certified Driver Trainers!

Steve L., Fleet Training Operations Manager, Denise E., James K.,
Ronaldo C.  and Travares (Instructor)

Steve L., Fleet Training Operations Manager, Michael N., Aleksey T.,
Kimberly B., Zachary B. and Travares (Instructor)

Steve L., Fleet Training Operations Manager, Cliff P., Duane F., Brian H.,
Lardie L., Larry F. and Travares (Instructor)

Thank you for choosing this career path. We are proud you are part of TeamRoehl!

As a trainer, these drivers will use their experiences and training to coach and mentor our new driving teammates.
Are you interested in becoming a trainer? Let your fleet manager know and they will get you the information, or express interest using the My Roehl app!


Perfect DOT Inspections!

Congratulations to these driving teammates for their clean roadside inspections, which earn Roehl drivers a bonus based on the level of clean inspection! 


Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for being a part of TeamRoehl!


TeamRoehl Submitted Photos

We would love to see your seasonal photos too! Decorate the truck up for a holiday! 
Submit photos through Facebook Messenger or text Julie at 715-660-1098.

Troy L.

Mark A.

Jeff M.-S.


Online reviews help us attract great teammates! Like working for Roehl? Leave us a positive review!


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