TeamRoehl Wins 4th ATA President’s Trophy!


Congratulations TeamRoehl!!!  

We have won the President’s Trophy from the American Trucking Associations (ATA).  

This is the trucking industry’s top honor, and this is our fourth time winning the award - an unprecedented achievement that we share and celebrate together.  

This recognition reinforces that our drivers are leaders and that we are one of North America’s safest trucking companies! 

We were the first truckload carrier to win this award, and we’re the ONLY truckload carrier to have won it multiple times (the ATA requires a three-year waiting period before we can submit again).  

Thank you, TeamRoehl, for your commitment to safety as our cornerstone value. This award is earned through the behavior of our driving teammates choosing to Drive the Roehl Way to Protect Others and to our non-driving teammates who support them! 

Driver Appreciation Events

We know how hard you work, and we appreciate our driving teammates every day!  

Here are some photos from a few of our driver appreciation events this year.


Our 2021 United Way Campaign is still going!

The United Way supports our local communities. When you pledge, you help your neighbors, those who need help the most right in your community.  

TeamRoehl is a strong supporter of the United Way. We raised $45,000 through our campaign last year and need your help raising even more this year!    

Get in on the fun and help those in your community.  

Our Next Event

Paste A Teammate:
Our Paste a Teammate event will be October 4-12. Bid on teammates to get pasted in the face. We will stream this event live through Zoom and let you know how you can watch. Stay tuned for more details.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a member of TeamRoehl!

Click Here for more ways you can help support the United Way!

Questions or feedback? Please reach out to


Winter Training & Winter Cleats

We value you and want you to Do Safe! this winter and we want to help.  

Your 2021 winter training is now available! This training will help you be successful this winter. As you prepare for winter, pick up a free pair of winter cleats at any of our terminals

Please complete the course as soon as practical and no later than December 1.  

To get started with your winter training, visit your Roehl Youniversity Homepage. To get there, go to the My Roehl app, click on Driver Toolkit, then Roehl Youniversity. You can also get there from, when you click Training.  

You’ll find a course with modules on driving safe, operating your equipment safely in winter, keeping yourself safe in, around and on equipment and making good decisions in less than ideal weather conditions. You’ll also see a module that shows the dramatic results of driving the wrong way in challenging conditions and of driving The Roehl Way in challenging conditions. 

Depending on your level of experience, you may also be assigned a winter simulator. Your fleet manager will work with you to get you scheduled for this training opportunity at one of our terminals. 

Log the time you spend completing winter training on Line 4 – On Duty Not Driving. 

And, as you prepare for winter pick up a free pair of winter cleats at any of our terminals.  

If you have questions or want help please contact your fleet manager or your business advisor if you are owner operator.  

Thank you for being part of TeamRoehl and for all the important ways you contribute to our team.  

Wall of Values

Where do you see your teammates living our values?

On TeamRoehl, we live our values. Want to share a story of how you or someone you know is living our TeamRoehl values?

Email us and share your story and might even share it with all our teammates.
We look forward to hearing your story!

Keeping it Roehl

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If you have any feedback, please send it to

My Feedback Survey

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Facebook Live

Every month we do a LIVE Facebook video.

Watch for our most recent Facebook Live here. John Spiros, Vice President of Safety and Claims Management Administration talks about Roehl winning their 4th ATA President's Award. 
You can find the video here.

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RoehlTech Topics

Roehl Data Footprint
In a transportation company like Roehl Transport, data is essential to everything that we do. At Roehl, we collect data for many different purposes. We collect and manage order-related information to service our customers at a high level. We collect and manage trip information to optimize routing and performance of our fleet. We collect safety information to ensure the effectiveness of our cornerstone value of safe driving. We collect data from our equipment sensors to monitor the performance of the trucks and the status and health of our products we are transporting.
But just how much data does Roehl store and work with on a day-to-day basis? Roehl manages over 43 operational databases and data warehouses where more than 8.5 Terabytes of data. This data is used to optimize how we run our business, take customer orders, route trucks, etc. Over 50,000 times each month we generate more than 200 unique reports and dashboards to help track and manage our business. We also interface with more than 100 unique vendors and partners each week to gather and track critical information. Additionally, over 20 Terabytes of data are stored in file systems and e-mail. This information helps us to make better decisions and to be a more safe and successful company.
As we handle this information on a day-to-day basis, it is important that special care is given to pieces of information that are considered “Highly Sensitive”. Items that fall into this category are:
  • Usernames and Passwords
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Bank Accounts
  • Drivers License Information
  • Fuel Card Numbers
  • HIPPA-protected health information
Our systems have protections in place to safeguard this type of information. While system protections play an important role, it is also critical that everyone to take extra care when dealing with sensitive information. As a general rule, only work with this information when there is a business need and never store this information in unprotected areas such as e-mail or unencrypted areas of the S: drive. Protection of highly sensitive information is everyone’s responsibility. Please reach out to an IT team member if you have questions about the proper handling and storage of data.;

Seasonal Photos

Check out these Halloween photos courtesy of Amanda M. and Julie S.!

We would love for your to share some of your seasonal photos with us! Do you have a favorite fall, Thanksgiving or Christmas photo you'd like to share?

Email it to Julie or text it to her at 715-660-1098.



Congratulations to Steve E., who achieved 1 Million Miles of Safe Driving!


Congratulations to these drivers who earned a referral bonus in August, and thank you to every one who referred new drivers to our great team!

Mark E.
Jason H.
Keath G.
Esther D.
Joseph G.
Errol C.
Olin T.​
Michael G.
Jeffery B.
John T.

Want to earn extra cash when you refer drivers?
Earn $1,500 for experienced driver and owner operator referrals, $250 for GYCDL driver referrals, and $150 for student driver referrals.
Referring drivers is easy using the My Roehl app.

Congratulations to Our Newest Certified Driver Trainers!

Richard R., Travares (Instructor), and Charles C.
Thank you for choosing this career path. We are proud you are part of TeamRoehl!

As a trainer, these drivers will use their experiences and training to coach and mentor our new driving teammates.

Are you interested in becoming a trainer? Let your fleet manager know and they will get you the information, or express interest using the My Roehl app.


Happy Anniversary!


TeamRoehl Submitted Photos

We would love to see your seasonal photos too! Decorate the truck up for a holiday! 
Submit photos through Facebook Messenger or text 715-660-1098.

Kevin G. at LAX

William L. 

Kent D.

Employee Benefits Spotlight

Your Roehl Health Insurance Premium Discount


As a reminder, to receive the discount on your Roehl health insurance premiums for 2022 you will need to complete the Health Assessment at Annually, this discount can save you between $234-$572 per year! 

You must retake the assessment even if you have completed it in the past. Instructions detailing how to complete the assessment can be found at, Your Health, Health Assessment. To receive the full discount, both you and your spouse must complete the assessment if you have employee + spouse or family medical insurance. 

To qualify for reduced premiums for January 1, 2022, you must complete the assessment prior to December 15, 2021. If you complete the assessment after this date, you will begin to receive the discount within 3 pay periods of completion.   

Anthem will notify us prior to January 1, 2022 of those who are eligible for the weekly premiums discount. The Health Assessment itself is confidential. Roehl does not have access to the data you provide. 

In addition, we will be changing how the premium discount is determined for the 2023 plan year. To qualify for the discount in 2023, you will need to complete a visit with your primary care provider between August 2021 and July 31, 2022. 

Having a primary care provider is important to your health. Visits with your primary care provider can help you catch health related issues early, as well as manage chronic health conditions. It has been shown that individuals that have a primary care provider spend less time in the hospital and less money on healthcare costs throughout their lives.

Please note, the premium discount for 2023 has not yet been determined. To receive the full discount, both the employee and spouse will have to have a primary care visit if enrolled in employee + spouse or family coverage. Roehl will be notified of those qualifying for the premium discount prior to Open Enrollment in November, 2022. 

We care about you and your health. The benefits we offer have real value to you and your family and we want you to understand and take advantage of them. 

Please reach out to Sara Yessa at extension 2112 or with any questions.


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