Driver Pay & Owner Operator Compensation Increases

Our company driver pay and owner operator compensation increases are now effective! We have been adding driving teammates, growing our company and winning new lanes from customers, and these increases support our commitment to Driver Success.

To learn more, visit the My Roehl Apps News Hub or contact your fleet manager or business advisor.

Thank you for being a member of TeamRoehl and for contributing to our success!

Please continue to drive the Roehl Way and refer other drivers to our great team!

Roehl is Pet-Friendly

If you want to have your pet with you in your truck, contact your Fleet Manager. If you’re eligible for the program, your Fleet Manager will ask you to complete program expectations and agreement paperwork or a MyRoehl App form.

We value you and participating in the Pet Program is a benefit you have as a member of TeamRoehl!

Our Refreshed Wall of Values

We recently unveiled our refreshed Wall of Values. By now, hopefully you’ve had a chance to watch the videos your teammates made. If not, please watch them.

Our values guide our behaviors, and that is a big reason why we are one of North America’s safest, largest and most successful trucking companies. Throughout our history, we have committed to a practice of periodically reviewing our values to ensure that they remain relevant to our business, and the world in which we operate. It’s because of that practice, recently a number of our teammates worked together assessing our values and recommending ways in which we could refresh them.

Over the next several weeks, you will see us updating wall art / posters at each location depicting the refreshed Wall of Values.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen the foundation of TeamRoehl.

Remember, as a member of TeamRoehl, you know that we are built on values.

Safety Spotlight:
Back to the Basics

At Roehl, being successful means being safe, and for our driving teammates, that means using the Safe 7. For example, when our drivers Prepare to Drive, they start with a well-defined trip plan. A well-defined trip plan can help alleviate stress and reduce driver fatigue. Managing a driver’s fatigue is extremely important. If you’re a driver, plan your rest periods. Never driver fatigued. If you are fatigued, always find a safe place to shut down and communicate your plans with your operational teammates.
Trip planning also helps drivers know the time of day they will go through certain towns, helps the driver plan their rest cycle, if they are changing from driving during the day to driving through the night, and that could help reduce exposure to accidents.

Proper trip planning also gives drivers 100% knowledge of all types of roadways they are going to be on, including construction zones. Knowing where all construction zones are supports safe driving in all of these dangerous areas. Construction zone safe driving includes:
  • Slow Down!
  • Stay Back!
  • Be attentive to workers in construction zones.
  • Be attentive to construction zone equipment.
  • Be attentive to all lane shifts, drop off, construction barriers.
Drivers who properly trip plan are also aware of any outstanding weather conditions and road conditions they will run into, supports on-time deliveries, supports speed management and fuel MPG, and lets a driver know early enough in the trip if they are going to need support such as a relay or a changed appointment time.

Proper trip planning also helps drivers avoid being cited for overweight violations or bypassing scales, and we’ve created a training video called Weigh Station Awareness. If you’re a Roehl driving teammate, please complete the Weigh Station Awareness video at Roehl You by Friday, June 4. On your My Roehl App, click Driver Toolkit and then Roehl Youniversity or visit and click on Roehl Youniversity.

Facebook Lives

Did you know? Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. we do a LIVE Facebook video.

Watch our most recent Facebook Live: Be Home More.

Click here to Like the Roehl Transport Facebook page.

Support Your United Way & Get Your TeamRoehl Gear!

It’s time to place your TeamRoehl apparel order to support the United Way.

Items will come in around the middle of July. If you place an order, you will receive an email once the items ship or are available for pick up.

Shipping is free when you choose to ship to a Roehl Terminal. There will be a fee to ship to your residence.

Email questions regarding this United Way fundraiser to

Sport-Tek Posi-Charge Electric Heather Polo

4.1-ounce, 100% Polyester Jersey with PosiCharge Technology

  • This polo comes in both Men's and Women's sizes XS - 4XL. It is color-locking, wicks moisture, resists snags and energizes with an all-over heather pattern.
  • Removeable tag for comfort
  • 4.1-ounce, 100% Polyester Jersey with PosiCharge Technology
  • Self-fabric collar
  • Dyed to match buttons (Men - 3 button, Women - 4 button)
  • Set-in, open-hem sleeves
    These shirts will have the Roehl Logo embroidered in the upper left torso.
  • Cost - $22.00 for XS - XL and $24.00 for 2XL - 4XL

Trucker Caps
  • This cap is modern in design. 
  • Black / White is a one-size fits all, snap-back - cost $16.00
  • Grey Heather / Red is a Flex Fit (S/M or L/XL) - cost $17.00

Utility Tote
  • This large, soft-sided tote is perfect for groceries, clothes or bulky items.
  • 600 D Polyester
  • Hard / supported bottom
  • Dimensions 12" x 21-1/2" x 10"
  • Front pocket
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • This tote will have a red Roehl Logo on the front pocket.
  • Cost - $15.00

The United Way supports our local communities. When you order, you help your neighbors, those who need help the most right in your community.

Family Values Bring Father & Son to TeamRoehl

Roehl Transport is one of North America’s largest, safest and most successful trucking companies. We’re family owned, and we’re built on Values. And it’s those values that led Don N. to recommend Roehl’s Get Your CDL Program to his son, Matt.

Don joined Roehl about four years ago as an application developer, and he said that Roehl is a “quality company through and through.”
So when Matt’s job was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, Don referred him to our on-the-job paid CDL training program, where Matt developed the skills to be a professional truck driver. Matt shared that the training was “very good and very fast”, and he felt like he was given the skills to be successful.

Now, rather than dreading going to work, Matt is focused on his goals to become an Owner Operator and a trainer in our Curtainside Division, and he’s already on his way. He has driven about 50,000 miles with Roehl and has visited all four coastlines: north, south, east, and west. As Johnny Cash had sung, “I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere.”
Being a member of TeamRoehl means we’re connected and share values – and many teammates say Roehl feels like family, and for Don & Matt, Roehl truly is.

Congratulations to these drivers who earned a referral bonus in May:

Lloyd S.
Wendell R.
John T.
Tommy W.
Albert R.
Thomas F.​
Jason Z.
Richard D.
Jasmine J.
Arlen P.
Alex B.
Robert J.​

Want to earn extra cash when you refer drivers?
Earn $1500 for experienced driver and owner operator referrals, $250 for GYCDL driver referrals, and $150 for student driver referrals.
Referring drivers is easy using the MyRoehl app.

Congratulations to Our Newest Certified Driver Trainers!

Marcus D., Alex K., Francisco P., Robert M., Wendell R. and Travares J. (Instructor)

Driver Trainer 050721
Mike C. and Travares J. (Instructor)

Craig D., Jon H., William P., Alex O., Tom M., Tivon M., and Travares J. (Instructor)

Jamey P., Rubin D., Ben S., and Travares J. (Instructor)​

Travares J. (Instructor), Matt W., Deon F., Vince W., and Katelyn O.
Thank you for choosing this career path. We are proud you are part of TeamRoehl!

As a trainer, these drivers will use their experiences and training to coach and mentor our new driving teammates.

Are you interested in becoming a trainer? Let your fleet manager know and they will get you the information, or express interest using the My Roehl App.

Social Media Spring Photo Contest 

Congratulations to our two winners: Karen B. and Michael B.
We loved seeing all the photos!

Congratulations to our teammates on their May milestones!

One Million Safe Miles

Vic E.



TeamRoehl Submitted Photos

Submit photos through Facebook Messenger or text 715-660-1098

Christie M.

Grayum D.

Mike F.

Jack M.   

Employee Benefits Spotlight

Transitions Benefit Group

As a member of TeamRoehl, you have access to a multitude of benefits. These include our core medical, dental, and vision benefits, and expand to offerings focused on financial wellness and benefit support. This month, we are highlighting one of our newer benefit offerings, Transitions Benefit Group.
Transitions Benefit Group offers assistance and solutions on a wide-variety of benefit-related topics, including: 
  • Transitioning to Medicare
  • Retirement options
  • COBRA options
  • Life insurance and expense planning
  • Caregiver support
At first glance, you may not think this benefit would be of use to you. According to the United States Census Bureau though, by 2030 Americans 65 and up will make up 21 percent of the population. While you may not be even close to Medicare eligibility or retirement, your parents or grandparents probably are and navigating Medicare, Social Security, expense planning, etc. can be a nightmare. That’s why we are happy to offer this benefit not only to all Roehl teammates, but to their immediate family members as well. No enrollment is required.
Getting started is easy! Call Transitions Benefit Group at 800-936-1405. When calling, let them know you are either a Roehl Transport teammate or the loved one of a Roehl Transport teammate to access their service offerings.
More information can be found or by calling Sara Y. at extension 2112.



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