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Get Your CDL Program Videos

These videos will help you understand our Get Your CDL Program™. We provide them here for your reference and use.


Video: Welcome to Roehl’s Get Your CDL Program


We’ll pay you while we’re training you to get your CDL, and to be a professional truck driver with one of the nation’s safest, most successful transportation companies.  We’ve created this step-by-step process for you to learn about and apply to this very popular program.


Video: Get Your CDL Program Agreement


We provide a great deal of time and resources to train you. Because we spend a lot of money and invest heavily in you – we ask for your commitment – a formalized agreement – in exchange for the value of our program. You can be sure we’re promising to hold up our end of the deal as well. When you fulfill your end of the agreement, you won’t owe us anything – you will have completed your end of the deal and your career is off to a great start.


Video: Life Outside the Truck Overview


We want you to be successful as a new truck driver. It’s important for you to know a few things about the unique challenges associated with doing this job, and this video explains some of them.


Video: Pay Type and Schedule


This video explains the three phases to your training and how you’ll be paid during your training.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Overview


The role of Heavy Duty truck driver is regulated by the Department of Transportation and other government agencies. There is a medical evaluation process conducted by a certified medical examiner to assess your physical qualifications to include drug testing. This video explains how you need to be relatively fit and capable of some physical activity to be a truck driver.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Crouch


Crouching is an important part of a truck driver’s job. You’ll need to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the truck and trailer. Practice crouching at home.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Step/Step - Kneel/Kneel


As a truck driver, you’ll need to be able to get into and on the equipment. You’ll step up and down from your truck and trailer multiples each day. Practice stepping and kneeling up and down to ensure you can do perform those actions.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Squats


Truck drivers use the motions associated with squatting when performing repeated clutching, stepping up to and down from the truck and trailer and when conducting pre-trip and post trip inspections. Practice squatting at home.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Floor to Head Lift


The floor to head lift is how truck drivers put their personal gear into the truck. You’ll need to be able to lift 30 pounds from the floor to above your head. Practice the Floor to Head lift at home.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Waist to Shoulder Lift


As a truck driver, you will need to raise the hood of the truck. You may also need to load or unload freight. Practice lifting 40 pounds from your waist to your shoulder.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Horizontal Pull


Truck drivers use a horizontal pull to open and close trailer doors, crank the dollies, close and lower the hood as well as pulling the 5th wheel, sliding the tandem and utilizing a pallet jack. Practice a horizontal pull of a hundred pounds at home.


Video: Physical Requirements of the Truck Driver Job: Horizontal Push


Similar to the horizontal pull, the horizontal push is used by truck drivers to open and close the trailer doors, cranking the dollies and utilizing a pallet jack. Practice pushing 80 pounds horizontally at home.

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