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Get Your CDL Program Overview

 Welcome to Get Your CDL
Paid Training & Truck Driving Job

How do I apply?

Before you apply for the paid CDL training, please review the information on this page and the Steps to Getting Your CDL page. You can use the small, right-hand side menu to browse our content and Apply Now.


Video: Get Paid While You Get Your CDL


Our Get Your CDL Program trains you, invests in you and prepares you to bring home over $50K a year. Making ends meet is no way to make a life. Become a professional truck driver with Roehl Transport, and we’ll pay you while you get your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). No experience, school tuition debt or second job required.

It's not a trucking school.

If you went to a CDL driving school, you would not get paid while you train AND you’d have to come up with tuition. For many, our paid cdl training / truck driving job is their way to a better paying career and even the gateway to a middle class lifestyle. After nine months on the job, Roehl drivers are on-track to earn $50,000 + a year.

Here's how it works:

  • Training to obtain your CDL is part of the job.
  • You are hired and paid as an employee on day 1.
  • You'll be paid $500 a week while you get your CDL.
  • The CDL training is four weeks and is available in multiple locations.
  • After you have your CDL, you'll continue your on-the-job training as a long haul truck driver.
  • If you were to go to a CDL school, you would not get paid while you are training AND you'd have to come up with the tuition for the school.
  • We're a stable company that provides full benefits - we invest in you.

Earn more of a living. Make more of yourself.

Roehl Transport removes the obstacles that prevent you from bettering your life.

Our paid CDL training is the fastest way to advance your career and go from zero experience to middle-class living. Join Roehl Transport, and you can earn $900-$1250 every week.

Drive with us for 120,000 miles (about 15 months) and you don’t owe us a single cent for your CDL training. We even put it writing, so you can absolutely hold us to it.

We’re investing in you, and expect a partnership with you. If you choose not to fulfill the agreement to work with us after training, you would be responsible for the full cost of the program.
Get Paid While You Get Your CDL Truck Driving Job
 Bring home $900 - $1250 weekly.

Is truck driving for me?

When you commit to professional truck driving, you commit to:

Being away from home a week or more at a time. Roehl’s offers some of the best mix of work and home time schedules in the business, however you'll need to be prepared for being away from home.

Making a plan with loved ones. Cover your bases to make sure the right support is in place at home before you’re on the road. Discuss who will pay the bills, when you’ll talk to the kids and who you can turn to in case of emergency.

Managing more than driving. You’ll be planning routes, documenting trips, securing freight, interacting with customers, inspecting your vehicle and making routine adjustments as you go.

Get a truck driving job with a a Life Outside of the Truck

Your Life Outside The Truck.

You can have both a profitable career and a Life Outside The Truck™ with Roehl.

We get you home. Daily. Weekly. Every other week. Out for 14 days and home for 7. Roehl offers the industry’s best combinations of home time through a variety of national, regional and local fleets.
We look out for your family. Your loved ones can reach out to us at any time for questions about benefits, payroll or trip details during your absence. Your paycheck is always deposited directly, and you and your family can access statements and other important resources through the MyRoehl app, available for Android and Apple smartphones as well as TeamRoehl. To take advantage of Roehl’s paid CDL training, you need to:

  • Agree to drive 120,000 miles (about 15 months) after your training, and you’ll pay nothing for our investment.
  • Reside in one of our many hiring locations.



Physical Requirements of the Job.‚Äč

As regulated by the Department of Transportation and other government agencies, truck drivers must be able to perform the following to prove adequate health and fitness:

  • Pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug test.
  • Be able to walk 20 minutes a day without exertion.
  • Enter and exit equipment by stepping and kneeling.
  • Lift 40 lbs. from your waist to your shoulders.
  • Lift 30 lbs. from the floor to your head.
  • Crouch and squat for pre- and post-trip inspections.
  • Push 80 lbs. and pull 100 lbs. horizontally.
  • Repeat the actions shown in the exercise videos below.