Get Your CDL Program success stories and testimonials

Many Successful Truck Driver Stories.

For over 25 years, Roehl Transport has trained some of the safest, most successful professional truck drivers.


In addition to expert CDL training, drivers find jobs that meet their needs, both inside the truck and outside the truck.

For many, our CDL training program and truck driving job is a ticket to a better economic future - a pathway to the middle class. For others, Roehl's training bridges a skills gap into a transportation career. Still others use our program and HOMEtime PLUS fleets as a way to ease into retirement (many former military members, police and firefighters). 

As you watch these videos, read testimonials and learn about our many driver success stories, please know that we want the same success for you in a Roehl Transport truck driving job.


Video: Brandon Beers - Employed on the first day of training


In this video Brandon Beers, a new Roehl driver, explains that he felt comfortable choosing Roehl for his CDL training because he had a job on the first day. Brandon also noted that being paid while he trained made a difference for him.


Video: Chris Roosz - Military friendly truck driving jobs


Chris Roosz, a Roehl Transport truck driver, discusses his perspective as a former military member. Chris speaks about the transition out of the military, especially for 88 Mikes, into Roehl's Get Your CDL Program™.  Chris is a member of the Roehl Honor Program and is also in our two-year Apprenticeship Program.


Video: Vernon Cooper - Career paths at Roehl: From getting a CDL to trainer to manager


In this video, Roehl Transport's Vernon Cooper describes his career path. Vernon obtained his commercial driver's license (CDL) and gained experience at Roehl. Vernon then became a trainer, providing mentoring and instruction to new CDL drivers. From there, Vernon transitioned out of the truck into different roles, including as a Regional Driver Employment Specialist. UPDATE: Vernon is now our Operations Manager based in our Chicago Area Terminal.


Video: Roderick Davis - Researching the program


In this video, Roderick Davis talks about how he found Roehl's Get Your CDL Program and truck driver job. Roderick explains how he applied and also did his research on three different trucking companies before finally selecting Roehl's unique get paid while you get your CDL program. Roderick said that his friend, an experienced truck driver, also helped him with positive feedback that Roehl's training is the among the best in the business.


Video: Chad DeMoss - Advice for those coming to training


In this video Chad DeMoss, a Roehl truck driver in our company sponsored cdl training program, shares some great advice for those of you who are new to the industry.


Video: Michael Kemp - Roehl has the highest reputation


Michael Kemp recently completed Roehl's Get Your CDL training program. Michael talks about choosing a trucking company that is legal and doesn't play games. Michael noted that our reputation is one of the best and he noted that he considered other trucking driving schools, including technical colleges. Michael choose Roehl because he was paid while he trained to be a professional truck driver.


Video: Jesse Delph - A career path from CDL training to truck driver training & beyond


Roehl driver Jesse Delph explains how Roehl gave him the opportunity to be financially independent while serving our great nation. Jesse references the Roehl Transport CDL School; the Get Your CDL Program now trains and pays drivers for a trucking job with Roehl.

As a part of Jesse's career plan, he attended and completed Roehl's Certified Truck Driver Training Program. Roehl offers many career options along your career path - both inside and outside of the truck.



Video: Jesse Frith - Do your research


In this video, Jesse Frith talks about doing your research on a company before joinging them. Jesse is a truck driver in our Get Your CDL Program. Jesse added that he feels very confident because the truck driving instructors know the material and how to help him learn it. A note about this video - it was shot in one of our state-of-art Simulator Training rooms so it's a bit dark. You can see one of the simulators in the background.


Video: Heather Stockwell - Everybody really cares


In this video, Heather Stockwell shares the good feeling she gets as a part Roehl’s Get Your CDL Program. Heather notes that people want her to be successful and it’s been a positive training experience.


Video: Career Pathing at Roehl Transport - Guillermo Marin: From Driver to Get Your CDL Instructor


In this video, Guillermo Marin talks about his journey to become a professional truck driver with Roehl Transport. Guillermo notes that his driving habits were informed by how drove in Mexico and that he adopted the Roehl Way of Protective Driving after joining Roehl Transport. Guillermo was both an experienced driver and truck driver trainer, and he said he knew he needed a change with more home time.

Roehl offers many career paths, both inside and out of the truck, and Guillermo found a new role as an instructor in Roehl’s popular paid CDL training program based in Phoenix, Arizona. It has worked well for Guillermo, and his story is an another example of Roehl’s Wall of Values coming to life.

UPDATE: Guillermo is now a Fleet Manager based in our Phoenix Terminal.

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"You’ll get the skills and confidence you need to be a successful truck driver and have a great career in this program." 

Brian Hammond, Director of Orientation & Driver Development; Former Professional Driver who obtained his CDL through Roehl Transport over 20 years ago.