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Lease Purchase Program

Roehl Owner Operators are in the top third for net income.

Are you?

Run like hell from corporate policy. Lease a truck and launch your business with Roehl.

Truck Lease Program

We provide you the ability to become your own BOSS.

Through Roehl exclusive Business Owner Support System (B.O.S.S.), we help you form your own company, get you the truck you want, and offer support that provides your small company the buying power, technology and customers of a large corporation. That allows you to focus on what you do best – move freight.  

Business Owner Support System (B.O.S.S.)

Trucks & Equipment

You'll get a great truck with a low payment that will work for you.

You want to drive a truck that is profitable for you – one that’s reliable, comfortable, and reflects your status as a BOSS. The truck you’ll lease will have the most recent technology, safety features and operator comforts, too.

You’ll get into a truck that’s a money-maker and was part of our fleet so it was well-maintained, and you’ll benefit from those preventative and routine maintenance schedules. The trucks are late-model with excellent MPG capabilities to increase your revenue. We have specific trucks for various applications such as flatbed, specialized, and van, refrigerated and curtainside freight. 

To be eligible for one of truck leases, you need to have at least one year of over the road driving experience as a company driver with satisfactory performance. And, for those experienced company drivers or former lease purchase/owner operators with certain financial barriers, we offer lease purchase financing options, including an Earned Down Payment Program where you can get a truck with no cash out-of-pocket.

Truck leases vary depending on the equipment specifications, mileage and other factors. Our leases are as low as $450 a week - that is an awesome truck at a great price. 


Volume & Choice

Our size and scale ensures we can provide you as much freight as you want and we give you a choice of loads.

With over 50 years in business and thousands of trucks servicing the market, we have built a freight network that’s broad and deep. We can get you in and we can load you out. Our sister company Roehl Logistics guarantees that even a “one off” delivery location will have outbound options.


Choose how you want to be compensated

You choose how you want to be compensated for the services you provide. You can be paid based on percentage of the charge to the customer or you can be paid based on the miles assigned to the load.

Control Your Costs

Use our buying power and expert resources.

You receive a full pass-through on fuel surcharges we receive, AND you can access the preferred pricing of our fuel network.

Nobody can provide you maintenance and parts at a better rate. We have equipment maintenance figured out, and you benefit from it. Whether it’s minimizing downtime, the pure cost of services we provide or the cost of parts through us – you won’t do better.

We provide you trailing equipment that’s late model, lightweight and equipped with skirts and tails to your benefit on fuel economy. And, unlike many carriers, there’s no weekly/monthly mileage fee for using our trailers.

We connect you with insurance markets to provide you security and financial and accounting services to track your success. Our partnership with American Truck Business Services (ATBS) gives you accounting and tax preparation services for far less than your alternatives or purchasing it on your own.

Your Business.

Our support.

It’s not our company, it’s yours. We won’t put our logo on your truck – we’ll put your logo on your truck. If you don’t have a graphic identity for your business, we’ll help you create one. Our network of graphic artists will create a logo for you based on your guidance. We’ll make the decals so your truck reflects your status, BOSS.

If you’re not incorporated or have not established a limited liability company, we’ll help you get organized. Our legal partners will establish your LLC for far less than the big online do-it-yourself sites.

Custom logo on the truck


Lease Purchase Testimonial: Monica Glime


Video: Lease Purchase Testimonial - Monica Glime


In this video, experienced truck driver Monica Glime explains why she came to Roehl to lease a truck and become an owner operator.


Lease Purchase Equipment


Video: Lease Purchase Equipment - Jeff Eibergen


In the following video, Jeff Eibergen, Roehl Owner Operator Program Manager, talks about the lease purchase program and the equipment available to you, including new trucks.

Bottom Line

Why Roehl?

We honor and support the American Small Businessperson. We started in 1962 as a small business. Everett Roehl bought a truck and went to work for himself and his family. We know small business – it’s encoded in our DNA. We want to support those who are walking the same path as Everett. And, it’s our profound desire that each of our partners finds the same success as we’ve achieved at Roehl Transport.

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