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Get B.O.S.S. Benefits

Business Owner Support System

Through Roehl's exclusive Business Owner Support System (B.O.S.S.), we provide your small company the buying power, technology and customers of a large corporation. That allows you to focus on what you do best - move freight as your own boss.

B.O.S.S. provides you with premier benefits like freight volume & choicerevenue/compensation choice, cost control, support without losing control of your business and so much more.

Whether you have your own truck, are in between trucks or are just looking for help in starting your own business, we can help. Small business success is a part of our DNA. We want to partner with you and help you succeed. 

Contact us for more details on our compensation packages and fleet options. We can also help with lease purchase questions, including explaining the types of trucks we have available.

Business Owner Support System (B.O.S.S.)

Getting Support & Keeping Control

Truck Owner Operator

As a truck owner operator, you can get the support and you keep control of your business by partnering with Roehl. We offer reliable freight and freight choice, an attractive fuel surcharge program and so much more. That's why we have one of the lowest OO turnover rates in the industry. So, you can leave the load boards, brokers and other owner operator jobs behind. We're an owner operator friendly company, and we want you to run your business here. We will use our experience, customer base, buying power and industry relationships to help you succeed. 

Video: Becoming a Business Owner - Jeff Eibergen


In the following video, Jeff Eibergen talks about the ways you can partner with Roehl to be the BOSS. To learn more about our program for Owner Operators who have their own truck or trucks, please visit our Truck Owners page or fill out the Let's Connect form so we can contact you. 

Starting Your Small Business

Lease a Truck

For many professional drivers, it's the most exciting, rewarding trip you'll ever take...driving for yourself. As an owner operator (OO), when you're good at your job, you will profit from your superior skill and hard work.

Visit our Lease Purchase page to learn about how you can get your own truck and be on the fast track to business ownership at Roehl. We have excellent equipment for making money and leases as low as $450 a week, and we're now offering an Earned Down Payment Program that gets you into ownership without any cash out-of-pocket. 


Video: Leasing a Truck from Roehl - Frank Ondrovic


In this video, Frank Ondrovic (an owner operator that has purchased his own trucks and leased trucks) explains his experience partnering his small business with Roehl. Frank talks about the lease purchase program, offers encouragement and shares some thoughts on being a successful owner operator (partnering with Roehl).

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Business Management

Roehl's business management classes offer ideas and tips to help maximize revenue. Consultants, accounting services and business analysts provide even more support than most other owner operator jobs.

  • Control operating costs
  • Save with group insurance programs
  • Increase income
  • Improve cash flow
  • Simplify your business

Business Ownership Training

You’ll be enrolled at Roehl Youniversity to take advantage of special finance and business classes that will ensure business ownership success. You will also receive premium driver training and learn about the Roehl value of safety - perks you will not find with other owner operator jobs.

It’s important to choose a partner you can trust to help you succeed.

As you take the next step towards ownership, look for a company with:

  • A record of growth, financial success and strength.
  • Experienced, established company management.
  • A culture and work environment that is dedicated to safe operation.
  • Quality customers.
  • Industry leadership.
  • Values—a commitment to business partnership and driver success.
  • Sufficient size to offer you lower operating costs through economies of scale,
  • Leading technological support and financial stability.
  • Integrity—fairness in treatment of business partners, employees, customers and suppliers.

Learn more about why Roehl is so respected in the transportation industry. We're built on Values, and that makes us different.

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Dana Anderson's Testimonial: Becoming an Owner Operator

At Roehl, whether you are just starting out in the industry (needing training for your CDL) or you're an experienced trucker looking at owner operator jobs, Roehl Transport has the programs and support to help you become an owner operator truck driver. You can get your CDL, become a professional truck driver and then transition to small business owner with Roehl. 


Video: From No CDL to Award-Winning Owner Operator Business - Dana Anderson


In this video, Dana Anderson takes us through his journey from leaving his job as a police officer, to getting his CDL with Roehl, to thriving in an experienced truck driver job to becoming an owner operator truck driver. Dana explains what it take to be successful at Roehl, and how his career path led to ownership. Dana is also a Certified Driver Trainer.

Becoming an owner operator truck driver takes some time and planning. Typically, you'll want to understand what the carrier you're joining has to offer. In some cases, companies have limited opportunities. At Roehl, with so many owner operator trucking jobs and our extensive history of success, you too can have a career path into your own truck - a business all of your own!

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