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Roehl raises inexperienced truck driver starting pay!

The best truck driver training program just got even better as Roehl Transport has increased starting pay for new drivers for national and regional fleets in all divisions. Starting mileage rates for van and refrigerated drivers are up 9% and flatbed starting rates are up a whopping 17%!

Starting pay for inexperienced drivers in our Primary Commercial Zone:

  • National Flatbed Fleet is now $0.41 per mile!
  • National Refrigerated Fleet is now $0.37 per mile!
  • National Van Fleet is now $0.35 per mile!

Roehl’s pay increase applies to inexperienced truck drivers no matter where you’re getting your CDL. So, if you’re a recent graduate of a truck driving school, currently in a truck driver training program or if you want to Get Paid While You Get Your CDL, you’ll now get even more with Roehl! 



Get ready for the best on-the-job training in the business.

As a new driver, student driver or inexperienced driver, when you’re starting out in the trucking industry, you want to know that you’ve made a good choice and that the company you’ve chosen is rock-solid. 

Our reputation as a safe, honest and professional company is just one of the reasons so many new drivers make Roehl their first choice. Join an industry-leading company that has been around for more than 50 years, is growing and is investing your future. 

Drivers are the heart and soul of our company. We provide a professional work environment with care and solutions to help you meet professional and personal goals. Some student driver jobs come right after people attend company paid truck driving schools. Let us know your situation so we can understand your needs. 

For us, good business starts with keeping our promises to you and our customers. To ensure your success, we back you up with people in every department who strive to see the business from your perspective. Together, we are TeamRoehl, and we help keep America rolling.



Welcome to the Safety and Job Skills Training Program (SJSTP)

We take your career and our training seriously. As a result, Roehl’s is one of the safest trucking companies in the nation. That’s why we’ll enter into an agreement with you. We'll provide you the best training and support, monthly tuition reimbursement payments, and a longevity bonus all while you’re also earning one of the highest student driver pay rates. For your part, you'll agree to be a professional driver with Roehl for 75,000 miles. 

Some trucking jobs start with company sponsored truck driving schools, meant to feed into a system that seeks to maximize the productivity of a truck, not necessarily on training a new driver. 

Roehl drivers are recognized as among the best on the road, throughout the industry and across the nation, and it starts with the best on-the-job training.

No one can take you to the next step in your new driving career like Roehl. 

With over 25 years of experience training drivers, we know how to be successful and, more importantly, we’ll help you become a safe and successful heavy duty truck driver. You’ll get valuable experience, training, and information concerning the competent, safe, and efficient operation of tractors and trailers. We’ll put forth a significant amount of time, money, and effort to provide you with first class job training through our program. For example, we’ve made tuition reimbursement a part of our training program. This relieves you from the heavy financial burden of repaying your school loan because we pay off your school loan for you by making payments directly to your lender.

 And, we know starting a new trucking job (or any job for that matter) can present challenges, so we’ll help you out financially. While you’re learning how to be successful in your truck driver job, we’ll provide you with a bonus to help ensure you’ve got good cash flow during the early part of your driving career. This longevity bonus is paid as an advance. 

The industry’s top paid truck driver training program

More and more companies are offering entry level truck driving jobs, and often, the training that accompanies these student truck driving jobs is lacking. At Roehl, our rich training history speaks for itself. Drivers who have been through Roehl’s Driver Safety and Job Skills Training Program are respected throughout the industry as among the best-trained truck drivers on the road… and shipper satisfaction surveys, performance data and safety statistics back up that reputation. 

Earning your CDL was the first step to becoming a professional driver. How well the company you join trains you over the next few weeks will have an impact on your entire trucking career. Be sure that when you are looking at truck driving jobs, no experience isn't an issue because at Roehl, we'll train you to be a successful truck driver!

What you’ll learn: the principles of success

Designed around easy-to-learn principles with lots of hands-on skill development, Roehl's Safety and Job Skills Training Program will teach you Department of Transportation (DOT) motor carrier rules, trip planning, freight handling and company policies.

Phase 1: Driving Skills Seminar

The Driving Skills Seminar is an on-site vocational program designed to give new drivers who recently received their CDL, the knowledge and confidence to successfully become an over the road driver. 

Our professionally seasoned and knowledgeable instructors will teach you everything from close quarter maneuvering, logging, and map reading. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 training picks up where the Driving Skills Seminar leaves off. You will put the principles you learned in driving school to work.

You'll be on the road with a Roehl Certified Trainer (you will not be driving as a team). You and your trainer will focus on refining your driving skills, maximizing fuel efficiency, trip planning, understanding how to use electronic on board log recording (EOBR) systems, learning how to handle freight and meet customer service expectations, and maintenance. This phase of training is performance-based and can last up to 13 days. You'll earn $90 per day when you are training with a trainer - that's paid truck driver training focusing on your success.

Upon completion of this phase, we'll verify your skills and issue you your first truck and work assignment, routing you in a homeward-bound direction.

Phase 3

You're on full mileage pay, on your own in your own truck, and you are not alone. You'll transition from a Fleet Training Manager to your own Fleet Manager and be well on your way to experiencing driver success yourself.

Take Home More

We have the financial strength to offer you a total compensation plan and we’re proud to be certified as a “Top Pay Carrier" by the National Transportation Institute. 

Your Choice Pay Plan™

Our unique performance based Your Choice Pay Plan™ allows you to achieve higher levels of pay through higher levels of performance. Instead of being restricted to an annual increase, you can “choose” the next higher pay level by being a high performer. You can earn a pay increase every quarter up to our top rate.

Plus, as a new driver to the industry, with Roehl as you learn the job you’ll get automatic pay increases at three months and at six months - this is something many student driver jobs do not offer!

You will be paid a $600 hire bonus upon successful completion of Safety and Job Skills Training Phase 1 Training and becoming a Roehl driver.

Mileage Goals

Each of our fleets have a mileage goal. Those miles, combined with the Your Choice Pay Plan™ mileage rates and all the extras that Roehl pays you for, will allow you to maximize your earning potential.

Multiple Pay Options

Our Tax Advantage option classifies part of your mileage rate as an expense reimbursement (rather than income) so you end up with a bigger net paycheck. Simply put, that means you pay less weekly taxes and take home more weekly net pay.Bonuses

Each of our fleets have a mileage goal. Those miles, combined with the Your Choice Pay Plan™ mileage rates will allow you to maximize your earning potential.

5% more miles with P.M.P. (Pratical Mileage Pay) - Many other trucking companies pay short route (HHG) miles. We add thousands of dollars to your annual income because you'll be paid for more of the miles you've driven - typically 5% more miles.


Most companies make a driver wait until the end of a quarter or even the year to receive bonuses. We reward safe driving, and we pay you as you go. No more waiting for a bonus – you’ll get paid as you drive those miles!

Profit Sharing - Retire in Style

Roehl is one of the top trucking companies in the nation for profit-sharing contributions to our teammates’ tax-deferred 401(k) accounts. We’ve made contributions each year for over thirty years.

Earn Even More

We have still more ways you can add to your income—like becoming a Driver Trainer (where you can add as much as $10,000 extra a year) or referring other drivers to Roehl. Roehl pays you for services many other companies overlook—like all intermediate pickups and drops, tarping pay for flatbed drivers, premiums if you go to congested zip codes or Canada, and when hauling a hazmat load.

Whether it is hand loading/unloading, driving through designated areas, crossing borders or customer delays, you’ll earn extra pay for other work performed. with Roehl, extras that that other carriers do not pay you for, including:

  • Intermediate stops
  • Tarping and untarping (Flatbed)
  • Hand load or unload 
  • Detention time 
  • Short haul pay (loads shorter than 100 miles)
  • Layover day
  • NY City & Long Island
  • Canada pay
  • Placard load premium
  • Refrigerated modular unload
  • Secondary load
  • Approved lumpers paid

Roehl Referral Rewards Program

We pay you a cash finder’s fee when you refer an experienced driver who joins and stays with the company. There is no limit to the number of drivers you can refer or the referral rewards you can collect. You could earn as much as $4,000 a year.

Tuition Reimbursement

We’ll help pay for your CDL driving school training, if you paid cash or took out a loan for your tuition and Roehl is your first-choice carrier. We will repay you up to $6,000.

Be Home More

As a new driver, you'll want to know how much home time you'll get. When you are starting out, staying on the road for weeks at a time can be exciting and challenging. Our flexible home time options are designed to give you a LOT - a Life Outside the Truck™. Our popular HOMEtime PLUS™ fleets continue to lead the industry by giving our drivers consistent, dependable schedules. From our National Fleets with three to seven days home to our HOMEtime Plus™ fleets with up to 26 weeks off a year, we are known for our home time.

Get your miles and go home

With most companies, you have to stay out weeks at a time to get the miles you need to support your family. At Roehl, we combine technology, a strategically structured customer base and freight flow plan and driver-friendly operations to optimize your productivity. Just like you, we want your downtime to be spent in your living room, not on the road.

Outstanding operations support

Our Fleet Managers will give you a single, familiar point of contact—one person who knows the details of each trip from beginning to end, your schedule and your preferences. And when you have a special request… a special occasion you want to be home for, we’re dedicated to getting you there.

Exceptional maintenance

Our superb maintenance program keeps you running and earning more. This includes:

  • Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance at Roehl terminals
  • 24-hour on-the-road emergency service

Home on the road

Enjoy quality family time through our Rider Program, which gives you the opportunity to bring your spouse or child (over age 10) with you on the road.

Watching out for your whole family

We’re a family-oriented company, and that’s why we are proud of our Life Outside the Truck™ philosophy. It means we’re dedicated to supporting you and your family as well.

We’re there as a resource for your spouse and loved ones. If they ever have to get a message to you, we make it happen right now. If they have questions about benefits, payroll or just about anything else that has to do with managing a household with one partner away on the road, we’re ready to help. Our pay services department ensures you receive your directly-deposited paycheck quickly and accurately, even if you’re in the middle of a trip.

With Roehl, over-the-road driving is a rewarding and positive career for your whole family… and we believe you deserve a LOT—Life Outside the Truck™.



Like your wages, your benefits have real dollars and cents value. They’ll save you money on important services, reduce your taxes, protect your family financially and provide income for your retirement.

Compare our driver benefits against those of any other trucking company. The difference you’ll find in protection and value reflects Roehl’s steadfast commitment to do right by you and your family.

Affordable Health, Dental and Vision Insurance For Your Entire Family. 

As a driver for Roehl, you’re eligible the first day of the month following 90 days of continuous employment for health, dental and vision insurance for your entire family. Our insurance plans are so affordable because we pay the majority of the costs.

Life Insurance

At no cost to you, $10,000 basic life and $10,000 AD&D life insurance are provided for all full-time employees. Plus you have the option to purchase, at preferred rates, additional life insurance for yourself, spouse or children.

If you suffer a non-occupational injury or illness that prevents you from working, our Short-Term Income Protection (STIP) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) provide you financial protection that most other trucking companies do not. 

401(k) Retirement Plan

  • Tax-deferred retirement savings
  • Multiple investment options
  • Prior 401(k) rollover available

Flex Spending Account (FSA)

Flexible Spending Accounts allow you the option of using pre-tax payroll deducted monies that are set aside to pay for certain unreimbursed medical expenses and adult and child dependent care expenses.

Download our Roehl 2015 Benefits brochure 

Download our Roehl 2016 Benefits brochure


As a driver for Roehl, you deserve outstanding training, compensation, benefits and the very best equipment on the road. As your home away from home, you’ll use late-model equipment that has been superbly maintained, is efficient and is clean.

You will drive a truck from our recently updated fleet of more than 1,900 power units including mostly Freightliners and Internationals. Almost all of our trucks feature Cummins or Detroit Engines under the hood, providing you with world-class reliability, beautiful styling and comfort. Our fleet of 5,200 trailers include DuraPlate van trailers, standard, step deck and RGN flatbed trailers, curtainside trailers and temperature controlled units. 

When you drive a red or silver Roehl truck, you’ll agree that there is no better equipment around.  

Need your CDL?

Truck Driving Jobs, No Experience Necessary

If you do not have your commerical driver's license (CDL), you can still getpaid truck driver training. In fact, in our new program, you can get paid while you get your CDL.

This program that helps new drivers actually get their CDLs, and get paid while they do it, is different than what company sponsored truck driving schools offer. In fact, there really isn't a model for this in transportation. We offer resources like step-by-step instructions on how to get your CDL, practice CDL tests and so much more to help you acheive your goal. 

Contact our driver employment specialists to learn more about this exciting program.


Other CDL training programs

Roehl Transport accepts students from many CDL truck driving schools in America. If you obtained your CDL through one of these, you'll find Roehl tutition reimbursement program a great way to repay your obligation, while avoiding the pitfalls of many other entry level truck driving jobs.

Additionally, Roehl works with several Certified Schools. These are different than company paid truck driving schools, however the training they provide has been vetted by Roehl attending them means you can get into student truck driving jobs faster. 

Learn more about the schools that Roehl works with by clicking the link below: Transport Certified CDL School logo