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Add $10,000 to your income as a Certified Roehl Transport Truck Driver Trainer

Get the top pay in trucking, share your skills and be rewarded for your experience - join Roehl and train others to be successful too!

Roehl Transport offers some of the best pay and home time combinations in the industry.

When you join Roehl and become a CDL driver trainer, you can add over $10,000 to your income by inexperienced drivers.

Being a Roehl Transport Certified Driver Trainer is rewarding. You will:

  • enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. 
  • be able to stay with your fleet manager, if you want to.
  • make more money.
  • get training and on-going support to be successful. 

Roehl's been training new drivers for over 25 years. As an experienced driver, after six months with TeamRoehl, you'll be eligible to become a driver trainer.

Want to keep your career moving forward?

Some of our driver trainers move into other positions at Roehl, such as CDL Instructors and Fleet Managers. And, many former drivers work in lots of other departments. From Operations to Recruiting and Maintenance to Customer Service, Roehl offers a lot of career path options. Our Founder, Everett Roehl, started with a single truck, and our CEO, Rick Roehl, still gets behind the wheel every year.

We've been successful for over 50 years. 

Join our team and grow with us!

CDL Instructor Jobs

One career path that former drivers who learned the Roehl Way, then became Driver Trainers teaching inexperienced truck drivers with on the job training take is that of CDL Instructor. CDL Instuctor jobs may be available through our new Get Your CDL Program (formerly the Roehl Transport CDL School). In this role, we actually teach people who do not have their Class A CDL how to safely operator a commerical motor vehicle.

The position is exciting because the CDL instructors help their students be prepared for a CDL exam - the test truck drivers need to pass to get their license. Once a student has their license, they can to even more paid on the job training with Roehl Transport.

Our CDL instructor jobs are located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana/Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona. More locations are coming soon.area.

We often hire from within our current fleet of experienced drivers to fill CDL instructor jobs. To become a truck driver instructor at Roehl, the first step is to join the company, learn about our culture and how to be successful. Then, get some experience and demonstrate performance as a driver trainer. When you're ready to come off the road, you can search our company internet site,, for open truck driver instructor jobs. From there, it's easy to apply.

The Get Your CDL Program is led by Brian Hammond. Brian got his CDL through Roehl over twenty years ago. He then drove for the company for a number of years before transitioning into other roles. Now, Brian oversees a cadre of truck driver instructors, ensuring the school's curriculum prepares students for a succesful CDL truck driving career.

Testimonial: Tim McGuire - Why I am a Trainer

In this video, Certified Truck Driver Trainer Tim McGuire talks about how much he enjoys training new truck drivers. Tim relates how fun and rewarding being a trainer is.