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Roehl's Military Apprenticeship Honor Program


Get the top pay in trucking and your GI Bill monies at the same time.

The transition from the military world to civilian life can be overwhelming. Roehl understands that. The Roehl Honor Program gives you and your family real and immediate security. A truck driving career will provide you and your family prosperity and stability well into the future. Roehl Transport is in it with you for the long haul.

The Roehl Honor Program™ is a two-part program. It begins by giving you the recognition you deserve. The second phase is an apprenticeship. We’ve developed a training program that helps you not only take advantage of your GI Bill benefits, but also become successful in the transportation industry.

Roehl Transport has four times been named a Military Friendly Employer by the publisher of GI Jobs magazine.


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It's important to note that US military apprenticeship programs are different than the Roehl Honor Program and our truck driving apprenticeship. At two years, Roehl's program is one of the longest in the industry. 

2-Year Apprenticeship

2-Year Apprenticeship

When you join Roehl, you’ll have the option to enroll in Roehl's two-year Apprenticeship Program. This specially created Roehl training program, approved by the U.S. Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs, is a registered, national competency-based apprenticeship program. We will help you submit specific paperwork for the apprenticeship program. Our program is similar to a US military apprenticeship program, however they are not the same.


Over the course of your two-year apprenticeship, you’ll receive Department of Labor certificates for each level of training you complete. At the end of your two-year program, you’ll be recognized as a certified Heavy Duty Truck Driver. And, because Roehl is respected throughout the industry for outstanding professionalism and for doing things right, you’ll be launching your career with a strong reputation.

GI Bill – Learn And Earn

The approval of Roehl’s apprenticeship program by the Department of Veterans Affairs allows you to draw your GI Bill monies for up to the 24 months of your apprenticeship. The actual amount you’re entitled to will depend on the length of your service and service type (Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve). We'll even help you fill out the paperwork and assemble your VA packet. Please contact Allen Foster, Honor Program Specialist (U.S. Army) at 715-591-3795 extension 2587 with any questions.

Your GI Bill monies, in combination with your generous Roehl earnings, will make it possible for you to enjoy substantial compensation — adding comfort and stability while easing the transition between military and civilian life. For more information about your GI Bill benefits, go to or call 1-888-GI-BILL-1.

Military Skills Test Waiver

Roll your military (including your military apprenticeship program) experience into a great career as a Class A CDL truck driver with Roehl!

We'll help you get your commerical truck driver's license waiver so you can do what you do best.

Click to access the Military Skills Waiver.

From the FMCSA website:

In May 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration finalized the Commercial Learner's Permit rule. Within that rule is a provision that gives State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLAs) the authority to substitute two years of CMV safe driving experience in military equivalents of commercial motor vehicles, for the skills test portion of the commercial driver license skills test. Military drivers must apply within one year of separation from active duty.

The regulation, 49 CFR 383.77, provides guidance for SDLAs that requires the applicant to certify:

  1. His/ her safe driving experience;
  2. That he or she has not held more than one license (except a military DL) in the past two years;
  3. Has not had his/her base State issued driver license suspended, revoked or cancelled; and,
  4. Has not had convictions in any type of motor vehicle for the disqualifying CDL offenses listed elsewhere in the regulations.

There are also other requirements that States must recognize in order to take advantage of this Skills Test Waiver, but the process allows States to assist veterans and active duty personnel in their transition from their military occupation to a civilian career. As more and more of our military troops return home from active duty, the Department of Transportation and FMCSA have joined with the Departments of Defense, Labor, and Veterans Affairs to ease this process.

Getting Started

FMCSA, in collaboration with the US Army, Department of Defense and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, has generated a standardized Application for Military Skills Test Waiver form. This document addresses all of the issues captured in the new regulation including:

  • Which violations can deny the waiver;
  • Identifying the specific type(s) of vehicle which the service member was licensed to drive; and,
  • An endorsement by the service member's commanding officer of the safe driving record.

News & Press

Victory Media, the publisher of G.I. Jobs magazine and, has three times recognized Roehl Transport as a Military Friendly Employer (2014, 2015, 2016).

Jesse Delph was featured in an article titled "How One Veteran Found A Great Career In The Trucking Industry" by Task and Purpose.

Roehl Transport drivers have been featured in G.I. Jobs magazine numerous times in the past. Here are some recent examples.

GI Jobs story about Chris Kerby - Roehl Apprenticeship Graduate 

GI Jobs article features Ian Sindorf and Jake Howey -  Roehl-GI-Jobs-story-2014-10-low.pdf 

Joel Trommer appeared in GI Jobs article about the Trucking Industry - Roehl-GI-Jobs-Story-2013-06.pdf 

Greg Koepel and Vernon Cooper are profiled in an article about truck driver training. Roehl_GI_Jobs_Story-2013-02.pdf


Q. Who qualifies for the Roehl Honor Program?

A. Veterans and currently serving National Guard and Reservists may qualify for acceptance into the Roehl Honor Program. You must have GI Bill benefits to receive the GI Bill funding. Please contact a Roehl Honor Program Specialist with any questions.

Q. Is the program open to all MOSs and NECs?

A. Yes. Prior transportation experience is not required.

Q. Am I required to sign any contacts to participate in the apprenticeship program?

A. No, you are not required to sign a contract to be in the apprenticeship program.

Q. What do I get if I complete the apprenticeship program?

A. In addition to the advanced training, you will receive credentials from the Department of Labor as a Heavy Truck Driver.

Q. Is there any waiting period to collect my GI Bill monies?

A. No. Unlike many companies, Roehl processes your paperwork and starts you in the program on your orientation date. 

Q. Are there any special Driver’s License requirements?

A. Yes. To drive tractor/trailer units, you will need a Class A Commercial Driver’s License. 

Q. Is CDL training available, and what is the cost?

A. Yes. Depending on where you will live, Roehl can provide CDL training. You can get paid while you get your CDL in our Get Your CDL Program.

Q. If I drove truck in the military, do I need to get CDL training?

A. Many states offer a Military Commercial Driver's License Skills Testing Waiver. A Roehl Honor Program Specialist can help you determine your options.

Q. Where will I get to go for CDL training?

A. We provide paid CDL training at several locations (and more are being added). Visit the Get Your CDL locations page to learn more.

Q. Is this a US military apprenticeship program?

A. The Roehl Honor Program and two-year apprenticeship are not affliliated with the any military branch of service. The program is similar to a military apprenticeship program in that, upon completion, you'll receive a certificate (from the US Deptartment of Labor) as a Heavy Duty Truck Driver.