2007-11-27 Roehl Transport Has Industry’s Safest Work Environment; Fewest Employee Injuries

Marshfield, WI – Roehl Transport employees are not only the best in the nation at preventing accidents and keeping other motorists safe, they are also tops in personal safety.

The Marshfield-based trucking company’s flatbed division recently won the Industrial Safety Improvement Award from the American Trucking Associations (ATA). The award recognizes Roehl’s flatbed division for having the greatest reduction in on-the-job injuries in the industry, as well as the company’s overall improvement in accidents per mile.

Roehl’s Vice President of Safety John Spiros noted that the awards go hand-in-hand with Roehl’s recent safe fleet distinctions. “Highway safety and personal on-the-job safety are both manifestations of Roehl’s pervasive safety culture,” Spiros said. “We identify safety as a core corporate value so it becomes the fundamental consideration in every thing we do... every decision, every operation. The concept of safety is contagious; it spreads across the entire company.”

While the award reflects fewer on-job-injuries among all of the division’s personnel, the majority of those employees are drivers. Drivers are a group that typically sustains higher injury rates, and Roehl’s record represents a particularly good driver effort. Spiros explained that the foundation for Roehl’s outstanding driver safety record is an exclusive training program called ‘The Roehl Way.’ “Roehl drivers have a sense of personal responsibility to protect others, but that also means taking care of themselves,” he said.

The most common on the job injuries within the trucking industry involve falls from trailers, slipping while climbing into cabs and strains while securing loads. With training, proper equipment and care, most of those can be avoided, Spiros noted. “We make a concerted effort to increase awareness of personal safety. While we are one of the safest companies in the industry, there is still room for improvement...our goal is that no one gets hurt,” he said.

That commitment to superior safety has helped make Roehl one of the largest companies in the nation. Roehl offers dry van, flatbed, curtainside and refrigerated truckload services coast-to-coast in the U.S. and Canada.

For more information about this story please contact Greg Koepel, Roehl Transport’s Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration, at 800-826-8367.