2007-11-06 Roehl Transport honored as the nation’s safest trucking company

Marshfield, WI – Roehl Transport’s safety record regularly makes it one of the safest carriers in the nation, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), but this year the Marshfield, WI-based trucking company earned a special achievement: the ATA’s top honors in two divisions. Roehl’s Van division was recognized as the safest in the nation among large carriers (over 100 million miles), while the company’s flatbed division achieved the same distinction in the over 10 million miles category.

“Qualifying for two divisions and being the top company in both says safety runs throughout the entire company, it’s not just exclusive to one division or operating unit,” said John Spiros, Roehl’s Vice President of Safety and Claims Management. Spiros noted that Roehl’s recent safety awards reflect its cornerstone value of safety. The company has been recognized as one of the safest in the nation by multiple industry and government sources over the course of several years. “These awards are not the result of luck; they represent consistent performance based on a steadfast companywide focus on operating safely, plus the superior training and skill of our drivers,” he said.

“The American Trucking Associations’ Safety Awards are not subjective,” ATA President Bill Graves noted. “They are based on hard facts and figures; you either had an exemplary safety record or you didn’t. Roehl Transport’s commitment to safety has made our roadway’s safer and the proof is the numbers,” he said. The ATA is the trucking industry’s largest trade group, representing thousands of companies including all the major carriers. (With over 1,700 trucks on the road coast-to-coast each day, Roehl ranks among the 100 largest trucking companies in the U.S.) Each year the ATA recognizes member-trucking companies who have achieved significant safety success.

Graves said highway safety is the ATA’s No. 1 initiative. Government studies have shown that the industry’s safety record has steadily improved each year, despite increased demand, miles driven and congestion. “We are proud to recognize companies like Roehl Transport that are leading the way and continuing to set the bar higher,” he added.

“Roehl’s commitment to safety benefits the motoring public and the shippers whose freight it safely hauls.”

Rob Otte, Roehl’s Safety and Compliance Manager, explained that the company’s focus on safety is a part of its social responsibility.

“We believe strongly in doing the right thing; operating safely is part of that. Recognizing safety as a value rather than just a priority makes it part of our moral compass, something that can’t be compromised regardless of other circumstances.”

He explained that the value-level commitment to safety has wide-ranging ramifications but the two factors that most distinguish Roehl’s safety culture are, first, the emphasis Roehl places on the ethics of safety rather than just safe driving techniques. Second, at Roehl safety is not the province of the “safety department” which tends to isolate the concept. Instead it is “operationalized” – part of the connection and daily conversation between the drivers and driver service representatives.

“While the entire company adheres to the ideal of safety and everyone at Roehl shares inthese awards, the driver is key. Our drivers are true professionals who embrace the goals of safety. These are people who care deeply and have made a personal commitment…to protect other motorists,” said Greg Koepel, Roehl’s Vice President of Workforce Development and Administration. He added that today’s professional drivers rank a company’s safety record right up there with high pay and generous home time, all of which are cited as reasons drivers choose Roehl.