2007-01-31 At Roehl Transport, safety helps the environment too

Marshfield, WI – Preventing highway accidents that cause injury and property damage is the driving force behind Roehl Transport’s revolutionary safety program. But the trucking company’s nationally leading safety record also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from diesel exhaust.

Like many trucking companies, Roehl uses a new technology called PrePass® to bypass long DOT inspection lines, Roehl’s Vice President of Safety, John Spiros explained. But it’s the company’s outstanding safety record that optimizes the technology.

“Having PrePass transponders in your trucks is only half the equation,” Spiros said. The system automatically identifies each vehicle as it approaches a weigh station and signals drivers whether or not they must pull into line or can bypass the inspection based on the carrier’s safety history. The better the company’s safety record, the more often the driver is given the green light to bypass the weigh station. With one of the lowest (best) Inspection Selection System scores in the nation, Roehl drivers are allowed to pass more often.

“Long weigh station inspection lines lead to substantial idle time — an unproductive use of fuel the EPA is targeting in its effort to reduce pollutants from truck exhaust,” Spiros said. “Being given the pass signal more often keeps Roehl trucks out of the lines, reducing the company’s aggregate idle time. That, in turn, conserves fuel and reduces truck exhaust emissions like CO2 and particulates. It also means more predictable, timely service to our customers,” he added.

“As one of 100 largest trucking companies in the U.S. with over 1,500 trucks on the road everyday, the environmental and customer service benefits of safety add up,” Spiros said. Roehl’s ISS score of 26, which puts it well within the “pass – no inspection required” range, is based on the federal DOT SafeStat data. The SafeStat data combines the carrier’s record of crashes, roadside inspections, enforcement history (violations/citations) and on-site compliance reviews, and is updated monthly.

Roehl’s flatbed division was recently cited by the American Trucking Associations as the second safest small fleet in the nation. Among large carriers, (over 100 million miles annually), according to the ATA, the company’s van division is the third safest in nation. Roehl attributes its industry-leading safety record to its identification of safety as the company’s cornerstone value.

“Everyone at Roehl — dispatch, sales, customer service, maintenance and management understands and agrees that safety is the guiding principle in decisions that affect our company and drivers,” Spiros said. That commitment has led to specific policies, practices and innovative programs such as The Roehl Way™ Protective Driving Training – an exclusive new theory and driving technique that goes beyond traditional “defensive driving” and trains Roehl drivers not just to avoid accidents but actively protect other motorists.

“It’s nice to know when there is a red Roehl truck in the lane next to you, that driver is a member of one of the safest carriers on the road,” Spiros noted. With corporate offices in Marshfield, WI and terminals across the country, Roehl provides truckload dry van, curtainside and flatbed service throughout the U.S. and Canada.