2006-07-20 Roehl Transport Drivers Prove Skill - Safety Connection

You might expect drivers from one of the nation’s safest trucking companies to also be among the most skillful when it comes to maneuvering the big rigs. And based on the high scores Roehl Transport drivers tallied up at this summer’s Wisconsin Truck Driving Rodeo, they are.

The Marshfield-based carrier’s five-person team placed in two of the three divisions it entered and ended the two-day event with three awards — a first place and two third-place honors. The annual competition, held this year in Appleton, puts professional drivers through a diverse range of events testing their driving skills.

Despite the added difficulty of torrential rain during his time on the course, Roehl driver Tim Crosby won the Flatbed Division and a slot on the Wisconsin State Team competing in the National Truck Driving Championships in New Orleans this August.

Teammate Chuck Bernklau took third in the Flatbed Division, also performing precision maneuvers during a heavy cloudburst. Co-worker Tim McLeod won third place in the Straight Truck Division and was named Rookie of the Year for scoring the highest combined points among first-year competitors.

Drivers John Maruszczak and Cara Weigel rounded out the Roehl team and though they fell short of a spot on the awards’ platform, each contributed solid performances with high scores.

The Roehl team’s performance complements recent recognition of Roehl by the American Trucking Association as one the nation’s safest trucking companies. Based on government regulation compliance data, law enforcement traffic violation records and accident statistics, Roehl was identified as the third safest truckload carrier in the nation among large fleets, and its 300-truck Flatbed Division was the number one safest carrier in the nation in the small fleet category.

“The success of our Truck Rodeo team exemplifies the professionalism of everyone in the company,” President Rick Roehl said. “Their skill... our safety record bodes well for our customers who trust us with their freight and the motoring public with whom we share the road.”

One of the 100 largest truckload carriers in the nation, Roehl provides service throughout the U.S and Canada.