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The Training You Need for Your Class A CDL

For over twenty five years, our company driver cdl training programs have trained professional truck drivers for jobs in the transportion industry - specifically for Roehl Transport. Along the way, we've developed our processes and added best practices so that you'll get the skills and training you need to be successful as a heavy duty truck driver.

Our paid cdl training program will get you ready to test for your commercial driver's license in a few weeks. Remember, this is a job, and there's a lot of information for you to learn so you'll begin your training at 7 am and conclude at 5 pm each day.

You'll train with late model equipment - the types of trucks and trailers you'll drive when you are actually out driving on your own.

You'll be in a small group. All our instructors have practical OTR experience, many of them working as Driver Trainers prior to working in a CDL training environment.

You'll test for your CDL testing in the last week of the program.

Once you have your CDL, you'll enter Phase 2 of our training program. You will then go out on the road with a certified driver trainer who'll work with you on additional skills as you do the job.  

What You'll Learn in the Get Your CDL Program

The first portion of your CDL training includes:

  • Basic Control
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Control Systems
  • Shifting 
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Back/Docking
  • Turning
  • Coupling/Uncoupling
  • Hazard Perception
  • Protective Driving
  • Life Outside the Truck
  • Communication Systems
  • Atlas Use and Trip Planning
  • Accident Procedures 

Once you have your CDL, you'll proceed to the second phase of the training with a certified driver trainer. Phase two typically lasts 15 days. 

Paid CDL Training Program Instructors

Our company sponsored paid CDL training program is led by instructors who've done the truck driver's job and they know how to be successful with Roehl. In fact, they continue to pull loads from time to time during the year so you'll have the confidence that the techniques you'll learn reflect real-world skills you'll need to be successful.

In this video, Dan Lyon who started his truck driving career with Roehl and has transitioned to become one of Roehl's Get Your CDL instructors, states why Roehl is a great place to train to get your CDL.

In this video Cory Graham, a new Roehl driver in our company sponsored CDL training program, explains his experience with our driving instructors. 

In this video, Lisa Crowley-Foust, a Get Your CDL Program truck driver trainee, shares how the instructors helped create a constructive learning environment that empowered her success. Lisa noted that she had some initial doubts about being able to drive a truck. Through the program, Karen now knows she can do the job safely & successfully. A note about this video - it was shot in one of our state-of-art Simulator Training rooms so it's a bit dark. You can see one of the simulators in the background.

Learn more about our Paid CDL Training Program Truck Driving Job

Our truck driving job with paid CDL training is very popular. If you have questions, you may want to get answers using our Get Your CDL Program Frequently Asked Questions.

We've created a detailed list of instructions to help you understand the application and hiring process. Use the following link:

Get Your CDL Step-by-Step Instructions

To learn more, including how you can apply using our online selection and learning process, please visit our Get Your CDL Program overview page or complete the Get Started form!