Video: About Roehl's Dedicated Elwood Paper Fleet

Would you like to make $65,000 or more per year and still enjoy weekly home time? In this overview of Roehl Transport’s Dedicated Elwood Paper Fleet, you’ll get the inside information you need about this fleet, and you’ll hear from some drivers about what they like about the fleet.

Roehl’s Dedicated Elwood Paper Fleet features:

  • Consistent miles and deliveries to the same customer locations. This is an established network for the customer with deliveries within a few hundred miles, so you’ll always be pretty close to home.
  • No-touch freight so you’re not loading or unloading the trailers.
  • Pre-planned loads – several days in advance so there’s not a lot of waiting at the docks.
  • 34-48 hours of home time that includes part of a weekend.
  • Excellent pay including Pay Accelerators and Address-to-Address Mileage pay – so you’re paid for more of the miles you actually drive!
  • Plus you’ll get full benefits
Roehl Transport is one of the North America’s largest and safest trucking companies, and we’re built on values.

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This page was last updated on 02/12/2020