Our Love's shower program has been extended through December 31, 2019! 

Experienced drivers who join Roehl Transport enjoy free showers at all Loves truck stop locations. We've made this benefit available since June of 2017, and it's simple to take advantage of this benefit. 

Once you joined Roehl, all you need is a My Love Rewards card. If you do not already have a My Love Rewards card, you can register for this free program at any Loves store or download the Loves Connect app and register for the rewards card through the smartphone app for truckers. When you register through the app, you do not need to carry the rewards card with you. Simply show your rewards card through your app at any Loves store and they will scan your phone.  
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Need on the job truck driver training? Roehl offers paid CDL instruction and we’ve been training student drivers for over 30 years.
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This page was last updated on 04/11/2019