*** Update 1/16/2020: Roehl is now paying address-to-address practical route miles! ***

Are you getting paid for the miles you really drive?
Read about how Roehl is once again leading the industry in mileage pay calculations with address-to-address practical route mileage calculations!

read about address to address pay

Trucking companies that pay practical route miles typically compensate truck drivers for 5-8% more of the miles they actually drive, compared to companies that pay Household Goods (HHG) miles.
To understand the difference between HHG and practical route miles, check out our practical route miles explained blog post.
Here’s our list of trucking companies that pay practical route miles.
Crete Carrier Corporation
DM Bowman
Equity Transportation
Heartland Express
HO Wolding
RC Moore
Roehl Transport
Total Transportation
TransAm Trucking
Western Express
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