The new My Roehl app has a new referral feature for our driving teammates! In addition to the new referral tracking dashboard that lets drivers track their referrals and shows them how close they are to reaching each of their payout mile markers, they now have custom links that they can share through text and email messages and on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

There are custom links on the driver referral dashboard in the My Roehl app that let our driving teammates share why they love being part of our team. TeamRoehl drivers can earn $1,500 for each experienced driver that is hired and there’s no limit to the number of drivers they can refer.
Roehl Pays For Driver Referrals

We have increased customer demand, and as we add driving teammates, we can get more freight from customers, and that means even more opportunities! If you're a Roehl driver and have not already done so, Get in the Game! The new My Roehl app is available to all driving teammates (Google Play Store & Apple App Store).
The My Roehl Smart Phone App Driver Referral Screen helps drivers track their referral progress

Want to work with a carrier that is built on values, like Driver Success? No matter your experience level, from veteran truck driver to needing a CDL, Roehl is the place for you!

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This page was last updated on 09/21/2021