Roehl's won another customer satisfaction honor with a 2017 Quest for Quality Award from Logistics Management (LM) magazine. This is our eleventh Quest for Quality Award, and that consistency means many things. 

First, because the readers of LM magazine are the buyers of our transportation services, it means that we've accomplished our mission - to deliver confidence and satsifaction.

Second, we're excelling at what matters to our customers, including: On-time Performance; Value; Information Technology; Customer Service; and Equipment & Operations.

Third, Roehl is built on values - deeply held beliefs beyond compromise. Those values shape our behaviors. A decade of Quest for Quality Awards means we're doing it right, year after year after year. And, that speaks volumes about how TeamRoehl operates and how we are led. There's an old saying that goes like this: "Ability can get you to the top. Attitude can keep you there." 

We have a positive culture that is based on our Cornerstone Value of Safety. Every person on our team understands and supports this value. That includes our CEO, our drivers, our load planners and customer service team, our maintenance technicians, our fleet managers, our sales team, everyone. 

Our success is built on a strong foundation and a sense of purpose. We live our values. 
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This page was last updated on 08/18/2017