There are two questions truck drivers ask when considering a new driving job. First, how much am I going to make (this question is often framed with “how much per mile” and “how many miles”) and how often will I get home? Professional truck drivers understand that there is a trade-off between being on the road and being home. At Roehl, we get you the home time that balances your needs while still maximizing your earning potential.

Our reputation as one of the best home time trucking companies didn’t just happen. We’ve long been known as the “Take home more, be home more” carrier and our home time options are the best in the trucking industry. Years before other trucking companies with weekend home time offered such jobs, Roehl created special regional fleets to do just that for drivers who want it. And that gets to the core of our work/life balance philosophy. At Roehl, we want our drivers to enjoy their downtime at home, with their families. Plus, we understand that different people, at different stages of life, have different home time needs. That’s why we offer so many truck driving jobs with home time options. From flexible home time options in our national over the road fleets to many home weekly regional and dedicated jobs to even local driving jobs with daily or nightly home time, Roehl continues to offer professionals a Life Outside the Truck.

We developed numerous fleets across several of our divisions that feature solid pay checks AND weekly home time. For example, experienced flatbed drivers get weekend home time in our Great Lakes Fleet and our Tri-State Fleet. (No flatbed experience? We offer paid training - just call our Driver Employment Center to learn more.)

In our Van division, our regional fleets offer 34-48 hours of home time every week, and we work to make that on the weekends. We have regional fleets in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. We even offer home weekly trucking jobs in our Refrigerated division – both our Midwest Regional and our and Dairyland Fleet (in Wisconsin and surrounding areas) are home weekly truck driving jobs.

When considering trucking companies with weekend home time, ask about dedicated opportunities. In addition to having regular routes, freight, mileage and working for a single customer, many of our dedicated fleets are also home weekly trucking jobs.

Finally, Roehl offers our exclusive HOMEtime PLUS fleets, and they make us among the very best home time trucking companies. We offer a variety of options, mostly based at or around our terminal and dropyard locations. Because we track home time as a metric of success, you can count on it being dependable and reliable in these fleets. You can choose from working every other week (like a part time driving job) in our 7-on, 7-off fleets. 

You can also select 14-on, 7-off, where you'll drive for two weeks and then be home seven days in a row - giving you extended weekly home time in a CDL driving job. Want to be home every week, but still drive 240 days a year? Our 7/4, 7/3 fleets are perfect because you'll drive seven days, then be home four days. Then you'll drive seven days and be home 3 days. Both the 14/7 and 7/4, 7/3 fleets offer 120 days of home time a year, plus strong miles, too. 

Again, if you're looking for a trucking job with excellent home time, check out Roehl's many options. Our drivers are leaders in productivity, safety, earnings and home time!
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