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    Roehl Honor Program

Marine Corp Vets - Get the top pay in trucking and your GI Bill monies at the same time.

Roehl Honor Program Marine MOS 3531 CDL Truck Driving Job

Are you a Motor Vehicle Operator looking to get top pay in trucking and your GI Bill monies at the same time?

Do you want to use your training as a 3531 Motor T as a truck driver in the civilian world?

The Roehl Honor Program gives you and your family real and immediate security. In a truck driving job with Roehl Transport, you'll have a career that provides prosperity and stability well into the future. 

Roehl Transport is in it with you for the long haul.

The Roehl Honor Program™ is a two-part program. It begins by giving you the recognition you deserve.

The second phase is a two-year apprenticeship that's been approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and Veterans Affairs. The program is two-years in length, and it lets you take advantage of your GI Bill benefits and become successful in the transportation industry.

You'll complete coursework that leads to Department of Labor Certification as a heavy-duty truck driver.

We'll help with all your VA paperwork and offer assistance and guidance with your Military Commercial Driver's License Skills Testing Waiver so you can transfer your military experience & license to a DOT CDL.

It's important to note that you don't have to have 3531 mos experience to take part in these program - we have a company sponsored cdl training program.

Roehl Honor Program

Need a CDL?

Roehl will pay you while you get your CDL, the license you need to become a professional truck driver. Are you just starting out in the trucking industry or do you need on the job training? Roehl is one of the best trucking companies, and we've been training new truck drivers for over 25 years. In our Get Your CDL program, you are paid while you learn the skills you'll need to get your Class A Driver's License and you'll be on your way to a great trucking career! You'll find that no one invests in you like Roehl.

Paid Truck Driver Training for Students - Roehl raises inexperienced truck driver starting pay!

The best truck driver training program just got even better as Roehl Transport has increased starting pay for new drivers for national and regional fleets in all divisions. Starting mileage rates for van and refrigerated drivers are up 9% and flatbed starting rates are up a whopping 17%!

Roehl’s pay increase applies to inexperienced truck drivers no matter where you’re getting your CDL. So, if you’re a recent graduate of a truck driving school, currently in a truck driver training program or if you want to Get Paid While You Get Your CDL, you’ll now get even more with Roehl! 

We recently enhanced our passenger policy!

Once you're out on the road making money, you may want your spouse, child, or someone else like a parent, brother, sister or friend to ride along in the truck with you. You can do that with Roehl!

Bring your pet with you.

Our new Pet Passport Program means that Roehl truck drivers can bring their dog or cat with them on the road.

About our Equipment

As your home away from home, you'll drive a truck that is superbly maintained, efficient and clean. You will drive a truck from our recently updated fleet of more than 1,900 power units including mostly Freightliners and Internationals.

Almost all of our trucks feature Cummins or Detroit Engines under the hood, providing you with world-class reliability, beautiful styling and comfort.  Our fleet of 5,200 trailers include DuraPlate® van trailers and temperature controlled units.

Roehl now has new automatic shifting trucks. These are the latest generation of automatic transmissions for drivers who prefer this option.

Want to advance your career?

Add $10k to your income as a Certified Roehl Transport Truck Driver Trainer or become a small business owner.Some of our driver trainers move into other positions at Roehl, such as Instructors and Fleet Managers. And, many former drivers work in lots of other departments. From Operations to Recruiting and Maintenance to Customer Service, Roehl offers a lot of career path options. Our Founder, Everett Roehl, started with a single truck, and our CEO, Rick Roehl, still gets behind the wheel every year.

We've been successful for over 50 years.

About Roehl Transport Truck Driver Jobs

Roehl Transport provides professional truck driving jobs for drivers who are looking for a long-lasting career with a forward-thinking, driver-oriented company that is built on values. Our truck driver careers include all levels of experience, as well as flatbed/specialized, van, refrigerated and curtainside cargo.

Roehl also provides career opportunities for non-drivers. Roehl is one of the 100 largest trucking companies in the nation. Our customers include some of the most prestigious brand names in America.  Find Trucking Jobs by visiting www.Roehl.Jobs

Join our team and grow with us!

CDL Truck Driver Jobs for Marine MOS 3531

Roehl Honor Program Video

Allen Foster, a Roehl Honor Program Specialist, explains that the Roehl Honor Program offers respect, recognition and the opportunity to get the top pay in trucking and collect your GI Bill benefits for up two years through our Department of Labor- and Department of Veteran Affairs-approved two-year apprenticeship program.

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