2011-06-01 Roehl earns editor's choice designation

Roehl Transport earned the Editor's Choice in Fleet Owner magazines's 2011 Vehicle Graphics Award contest.

The article:

Drivers want to drive the best equipment—that’s a fact. So what’s the best way to recruit the top drivers for that equipment? How about using that equipment as a rolling job recruitment ad- vertisement? That’s exactly what Roehl Transport has done with 25 trailers in its fleet of over 2,000.

Roehl has incorporated the catchphrase “Experience the Power of Red” on all the units amid several recruitment pitches. On its refrigerated fleet, the slogan is paired with the saying, “Hot Jobs, Haul Cool with Roehl” along with snappy graphics that include fire under the words “Hot Jobs” and ice dripping down from the top of the trailer over the words “Haul Cool.”

“The bold designs demand attention and preserve the paint underneath the graphic to maximize the trailer value at the end of the program,” says Cindy Faber, director of the driver employment center.

On its dry vans, prospective drivers are encouraged to “Think outside the box,” and to understand that “The dif- ference is like night and day”when driving for Roehl versus another company. But perhaps most appealing for many drivers is a fourth graphic with pictures of the presidents along with the saying, “Get to know these guys better with our Sign-on Bonus.”

Each graphic includes the goroehl.com website address and phone number prominently displayed.

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